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Yucatan Today is the only magazine and website which takes you by the hand to experience the essence of Yucatán.

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We take OUR READERS by the hand

Our readers refer to Yucatan Today as the "bible" of information about travel to Yucatán.

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No other magazine in Yucatán prints 15,000 copies of their magazine every month with delivery into the hands of national and international tourists, national and foreign residents, and Yucatecans. Each and every week Yucatan Today is distributed to more than 90 places that are frequented by our visitors, including museums, marinas, golf clubs, tourist information centers, cafés, hotels, travel agencies, bus stations, Mérida airport, car rental agencies, restaurants, cultural events, conventions, Secretaría de Turismo, national and international events, and a list of international subscribers.

Yucatan Today and are listed in the world’s best known travel guides as the magazine to look for in Yucatán and the website to consult for Yucatán info: Frommer’s, Let’s Go Mexico, Lonely Planet, Moon, and Rough Guide. We are also Destination Experts on

• The section Extra Extra! What’s New? has fresh up-to-date information about any news you want to publish from month to month…completely free!
• The section Promotions and Discounts is also completely free! Let our users know the benefits of using your product.
• Your business will also be placed on our maps and listings free of charge.
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• Deadline is the 25th day of the month to be published on the 15th of the following month.

• Rates are monthly, in Mexican pesos, plus IVA.
• The commitment is for three months, during which time you can change the size and design of your ad.
• Discounts apply for payment of the full contract in advance (5% for 3 months, 10% for 6 months, 15% for 12 months).
• Commissionable to Advertising Agencies at 10%.
• Discounts on your website ad for contracting both magazine and website ads.

Back cover $11,000 
1 page $10,000 
1/2 page $7,000 
1/4 page $4,000
1/6 page $3,200
1/8 page $2,800
1/12 page $1,800
1/16 page $1,500   
Mapa Central A $2,500
Mapa Central B  $3,500
Mapa Central c  $4,500 

1 page $6,000     
1/2 page $4,000     
1/4 page $2,500     
1/6 page $1,800     
1/8 page $1,500     
1/12 page $850
1/16 page $700      
1/24 page $550       

If you would like your business to be featured on the front cover of the magazine in a particular month, the rate is $12,000 pesos (plus IVA), and includes an editorial page in black and white on page 1. Photography not included and subject to approval.

Magazine ad design: $ 250
Guaranteed positioning: +5% to above rates (except front cover and back cover)

Our website was recognized as the best tourism website in all of México at the XXX Tianguis Turístico in Acapulco. When you advertise on our website, you reach the largest possible audience, as we are the most visited website about Yucatán with an average of 95,000 visitors per month.

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Home Page $ 800
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Real Estate or Accommodation $ 500

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Real Estate or Accommodation $ 300

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Home Page $ 600 
General Rotation $ 500
Real Estate or Accommodation $ 400

Premium Banner (281x84 pixels)
Located within the text of the 5 most visited articles, with monthly monitoring.

The whole website with the exception of Home Page, Real Estate, and Accommodation.

Website ad design: $ 100

• Rates are monthly, in Mexican pesos, plus IVA.
• Your web ad will be linked to your own website.
• Discounts for contracting both magazine and website ads. 

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Yucatan Today is the leading tourist guide of Merida, Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula and was recently voted the best tourism website in all of Mexico! In our companion monthly magazine, we bring you the information you need to enjoy your experience while you are here. Read more