Biennale: Arte Nuevo InteractivA '09

Biennale: Arte Nuevo InteractivA '09

May 2009

For the fifth time, Mérida joins other art centers of the world such as Venice, Havana, New York, Paris, and Istanbul, to name a few, in hosting a "Biennale". This French and Italian word refers to any event which takes place every two years. In contemporary art, Biennale is used to describe an international exhibit. Mérida's first Biennale was in 2001, and has taken place every two years since then.

From May 28 (opening was at 9 pm at Museo de la Ciudad) until the end of June, the Museo de la Ciudad will be headquarters for the Mérida Biennale. The event's theme will be the interactivity of art works and the public via Internet and other technologies, therefore its title of "Arte Nuevo InteractivA ‘09".

It will include exhibits, performances and workshops/conferences.

What is interactive art? This fascinating new art form casts the spectator as active participant beyond the traditional role of observer. He or she may walk into or interface with the exhibit in multiple ways. There are computers which respond to heat or motion and which may be used to enter a response from the spectator. The audience may also be able to participate in a performance, or even influence its outcome.

Arte Nuevo InteractivA '09 is organized by the Cartodigital Interdisciplinary Laboratory, a project of the new arts originating in the Centro Yucateco de Escritores, A.C., with the important support of the Dirección de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Mérida, the Dirección de Artes Visuales del Instituto de Cultura de Yucatán, the Prince Claus Foundation of The Netherlands, the Universidad Tecnológica de Mérida, and the Escuela Superior de Artes de Yucatán.

The executive curator of the Biennale is Raúl Ferrera-Balanquet, a Cuban American professional and long time resident of Yucatán, MFA in Multimedia and Video Art, University of Iowa. He is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, curator and scholar. He has exhibited his work at major galleries, art centers and museums around the world, including New York, Sao Paulo, Chicago, Brisbane, Vancouver, Bogotá, Barcelona, and our own MACAY. Arte Nuevo InteractivA is one on the most important exhibitions of new and contemporary media art in Latin America, depicting interactive art "Latin Style".

Mérida is home to many avant-garde, international art events. Showcasing interactive art "Latin Style", Arte Nuevo InteractivA: Mérida Biennale is considered a cutting edge project in Mexico, Latin America and the world, as it has marked a break within the processes of artistic and independent curatorial networks in the Americas. It has been presented in UNESCO's Cultural Portal, the New York Whitney Museum's Internet ArtPort, and it has been highlighted in newspapers and art and cultural publications worldwide. In April, 2008 the Mérida Biennale was presented at the Tate Britain Museum in London during the annual conference of British art historians.  

Participating artists:

Narrativas en Fuga:

Belén Gache (Argentina)

Santiago Echeverri (Colombia)

Juan Gutiérrez (Colombia/USA)

Meta Narrativas:

Mayra Barraza  (El Salvador)

Eduardo Navas (El Salvador/USA)

Colectivo Don Quijote (Brasil)

Christopher Cozier (Trinidad y Tobago)

Teresa López (Puerto Rico)

Pablo Batelli (Colombia)

Eugenio Tissilli (México)

Arcangel Constantini (México)

Poéticas Digitales

Yucef Merhi (Venezuela/EEUU)

Ciro Múseres (Argentina)

Leonardo Solaas (Argentina)

Joéser Álvarez (Brasil)

Gramarobótica Experimental

Santiago Ortiz Herrera (Colombia/España)

Eugenio Tiselli (México)

Yucef Merhi (Venezuela/EEUU)

Juan Pintabona (Argentina)

Giselle Beiguelman (Brasil)

Gustavo Romano (Argentina)


Jorge Haro (Argentina) + Brian Mackern (Uruguay)

Raúl Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet (Cuba/USA/México)

MutaciónA [gramatical]

Nettime-lat (2000-03) moderada por David Casacuberta  (España), Ricardo Domínguez (USA),

Fran Ilich (México) y Ana Viseu (Canadá).

Lila Pagola (Argentina)

Interrogandolas tecnologías mediáticas

Maris Bustamante (México) y Juan José Díaz Infante (México)

Eduardo Navas (El Salvador/USA)

Antonio Mendoza (Cuba/USA)

Particle Group (USA)

Juan José Díaz Infante (México)

Media Locativa

Electronic Disturbance Theater (Ricardo Domínguez, Brett Stalbaum, Micha Cárdenas y Jason Najarro)

Raúl Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet

Autoría en Colaboración

CYEAC (Lara Rivera, Reyna Echeverría,  Roger Metri, Ferrera-Balanquet) (México)

E-fagia (Canadá)

Marcelo Frazão + Paulo Villela + Regina Célia Pinto (Brasil)

Territorios Habitados

Víctor Martínez Díaz (México)

Brian Mackern (Uruguay)

Gilbertto Prado (Brasil)

Lucas Bambozzi (Brasil)

Indira Mariam Montoya (Argentina)

Santiago Echeverri (Colombia)

Navegación Secuencial

Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga (Nicaragua/USA)

Rafael Fajardo (Colombia / EEUU)

Anne-Marie Schleiner (EEUU) y Luis Hernández (México)

Christian Edgardo Oyarzún Roa (Chile)

Scripted Interacción

MeioDigital (2001) Guto Nóbrega (Brasil)

Arcángel Constantini (México)

Joéser Álvarez (Brasil)

Yto Aranda (Chile)

Tejidos Históricos

Claudia Salamanca (Colombia)

Conceptualismo Crítico

Miguel Rojas Sotelo (Colombia/USA) +Pedro Lash (México/USA)

Brian Mackern (Uruguay)

Fabricio Caiazza e Inés Martino (Argentina)

Teatrode la Resistencia Electrónica (EDT) Ricardo Domínguez (EEUU)

Alejandro Quintero (Perú/Puerto Rico)

Teresa López (Puerto Rico)

Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga (Nicaragua/USA),

Telepresencia, performancia e intercambio social

Guto Nóbrega (Brasil)

Coco Fusco (Cuba/EEUU) + Ricardo Domínguez (EEUU)

Giselle Beiguelman (Brasil)

(Claudia Salamanca + Leonardo Gonzalez + Malcolm Smith)

Sara Malinarich (Chile/España)

Video Net

Eduardo Navas  (El Salvador/USA)

John J. Leaños (Xican@/USA)

Antonio Mendoza (Cuba/USA)+Jimpunk+Abelinkoln/Rick Silva  (Brasil)

Scherezade García (República Dominicana/USA)

Guillermina Buzio (Argentina)


Mario Sanshiro Cabañas (México)

Ursula Espino (México)

Elías Falla Martínez (México)

Daniela Jacome (México)

José Luis García Pérez (México) 

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