Carnaval in Merida

The “Caribbean Voyage” Mérida 2015 Carnaval will take place from February 11-18 with big surprises. Once again Yucatecans are getting ready for our big Carnaval party. Due to its success last year, the Ayuntamiento de Mérida, headed by mayor Renán Barrera Concha, will repeat the event’s location at Plaza Carnaval, located at the Xmatkuil fairgrounds south of the city.

Plaza Carnaval awaits you with ample spaces which will offer attendees a variety of activities and great entertainment for the whole family. With the theme of “Caribbean Voyage”, come enjoy the best party in this city, with activities for all: children, teens, adults, and disabled. With order and security as priorities, this Carnaval will be filled with magic, color, and joy. Everyone is looking forward to the presentation of stars like Ariadne Díaz on Fantasy Saturday; Cuban model and dancer Lenny de la Rosa on Bachata Sunday; and artist Africa Zavala and actor José Ron on Battle of the Flowers Tuesday.

Parking and entry will be free again this year.

Queen and King: Marsha M. Ramírez Martínez "Marsha I", Carlos Eduardo Villafaña Mendoza "Charly I"

Child Queen and King: Dianela Vallado Ferraez, Edson Arath Pérez Arceo

Mobility Queen and King: Ingrid Noemi Buenfil Lizama, Arley Alberto Chan Lugo

Intellectual Queen and King: Aida Jeaneth Figueroa Pérez, Eduardo Said Beltrán Magaña

Seniors Queen and King: Soledad Beatriz Novelo Sosa, Raúl Armando Peraza Llanes






11 FEB.

8 pm

Burning of the bad mood

Palacio Municipal (Calle 62 x 61 y 63, Centro)

12 FEB.

4 pm

Preschool parade

Palacio Municipal (Calle 62 x 61 y 63, Centro)

13 FEB. 

8:30 pm

Corso parade

Plaza Carnaval (Xmatkuil fairgrounds)

14 FEB.

8 pm

Fantasy Saturday

Plaza Carnaval (Xmatkuil fairgrounds)

15 FEB.

1 pm

Bachata Sunday

Plaza Carnaval (Xmatkuil fairgrounds)

16 FEB.

8 pm

Regional Monday

Plaza Carnaval (Xmatkuil fairgrounds)

17 FEB.

1 pm

Battle of the Flowers Tuesday

Plaza Carnaval (Xmatkuil fairgrounds)

18 FEB.

8 pm

Burial of Juan Carnaval

Palacio Municipal (Calle 62 x 61 y 63, Centro)


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