Cenotes at Cuzama


Subterranean Adventure: Cuzamá Cenotes

If you are looking for a day of adventure and an experience that shows you more of the story of henequén and transports you into the natural wonders of our state, visit the cenotes of Cuzamá.

At only 48 km from Mérida, about a one-hour drive taking the highway to Valladolid and the exit to Acanceh (if you haven’t had breakfast stop in the mercado), go through the town and you will find Cuzamá. Once you are there you have several options, either to go to the tourist information center or take a motorcycle taxi (typical local transport) which takes you directly to the cenotes. In both cases you can visit different cenotes, for there are now two local co-ops that offer guide and transportation services.

On a recent trip, we chose the route offered by the tourist information center, which takes you to the subterranean cenotes of Chacsinicché, Bolonchoojol, and a small cave. The tour is approximately three hours, with 45 minutes at each cenote to take photographs and swim. The cost is 350 pesos for a “truck” for four persons.

Prepare yourself to travel on a train track in a form of transport pulled by a horse, and if you are lucky, butterflies will guide your way.  Then you will take a motorcycle taxi (included in the same price) in order to continue on your way without rails. Then again you will take another “truck”, and if you meet an oncoming one, you will have to get out in order to let it pass. Now there are seats, but in the past it only had some wooden planks upon which henequén fiber was carried.

At the Chacsinicché cenote (“tree with small ants”), you descend by a wooden staircase. There you will be able to observe the entry of a circular light and tree roots which practically touch the water, a picture postcard view. If you the intrepid type, you can dive in, for the water is fresh and plenty deep enough (27 meters) for you to show off your skills. If you prefer a more laid-back experience, you can swim or rent a life jacket for 20 pesos.

The next stop is Bolonchoojol cenote (“nine drops of water”). Here you also descend by a very steep staircase 15 meters long; be sure to wear non-slip shoes. The cavern is very large and stalactites in formation are visible, and the entry of light permits the view of the beautiful green and blue tones of the water. This is one of the prettiest cenotes in Yucatán.

The third and last stop is a cave with a cenote, with very reduced access, only recommended for the most adventurous. Your return is by the same route and transportation method. Now you will probably be hungry, so consider continuing on the Mayapán-Chetumal highway for 24 km to Hacienda Tepich which offers regional food (specializing in rabbit); or on your way back to Mérida you can stop at Hacienda Teya for a delicious “sopa de lima” or “poc chuc”.

We suggest arriving early to take advantage of the sunlight and avoid lineups. There are bus departures to Cuzamá from the Noreste bus station (Calle 50 at 67, Centro) at 7:45, 9:15, and 10:45 am, or in colectivos with frequent departures. Explore your adventurous side and “dive” in to these beautiful cenotes!

By: Violeta H. Cantarell

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Tours to cenotes:

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cuzana tour

How long does this cuzana buggy ride and trip take? a friend of mine and myself are coming in on a cruise..we plan on renting a car and doing our own thing. this is definately one i'd love to do. we will be in the yucatan 9 hours. i plan to leave progresso, travel to merida (take a bus tour) see the ruins and i'd like to take the cenotes tour. Any idea if this is possible. any help would be wonderful and thanks in advance!


cuzama tour

The horse and buggy tour takes as long as you want because you hire the buggy just for your use. Cuzama is 40 min. away from Merida; Cuzama has 3 cenotes and if you visit them quickly, lets say 20-30 min. each, the tour should take you about 2.5 hrs. All in all you can do the fast version of the tour from Merida in 4.5 hours. I see you want to do Cenotes and Mayan temples in 9 hours, thats a bit too much if you do it on your own. Consider Dzibilchaltun if you want to see the Mayan Temples and an open air cenote, its between Progreso and Merida. Also consider hiring a driver to see if you can get to all the places you want. Drop them an email to make an estimate:
LAWSON: [email protected]
YUC. CONNECTION: [email protected]


Cuzama by Public Transportation

How do I get to Cuzama by public transportation from Merida? Thanks.


re. cuzama by public transportation

To get there by bus, go to the "Autobuses del noreste" (2nd class) terminal on Calle 50 x 65 y 67. Cost is 32 pesos. Across from the bus station are colectivos as well.


Coming in from a cruise

Thanks so much for all the info. I am coming into progresso via carnival cruise ship in a few weeks (dec 13) and may be by myself or with two other women. I would really like to spend most of my day there seeing the best cenotes I can in such a short amount of time. What do you recommend for someone on a really tight budget but still staying safe( tours listed on boat are too expensive)? Lastly I tried going to some of the links on the site and my Spanish isn't good enough for without translation. Can you recommend any links for engish speakers? Thanks again!


re. coming from cruise

This article may help you: http://yucatantoday.com/en/topics/port-call-progreso including options for hiring a private tour guide. The standard less expensive tours available from the cruise ship dock are excellent but may not give you the intense cenote experience you want. But the higher cost of a private driver would be bearable if shared between three of you. Lawson is Canadian so language would not be a problem.


what can we expect to pay to visit cenotes

Can you give us a general rule of thumb for what we might expect to pay around the cenotes of the Yucatan? Pay to park, of course, but are there any entrance fees, locker fees, etc? Thanks


re. what to pay

There isn't an easy answer to this...they vary wildly because they have all been developed--or not developed--in a wide range of sophistication. Some are organized business concerns and some are bare bones. None, however, are outrageously expensive. One of the most expensive is Ik-Kil, and the last we heard, the entry fee was 70 pesos per person.

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