Dzibilchaltún is the "place where there is writing on the stones," referring to the many memorial stones found at the site.  Dzibilchaltún is a great Mayan city that is only 15 km. from Mérida

There were settlements here from 500 BC until the Spanish conquest, around 1540 AD. It covers an area of about 19 square kilometers, with somewhere around 8400 structures in the round enclave. It is believed there may have been a population of as many as 40,000 inhabitants, making it one of the largest cities of Mesoamerica. 

To reach the archaeological site, walk the winding path past ancient Mayan stone sculptures. Enjoy the comprehensive and well-designed air-conditioned Museum of the Mayan People, tracing the steps of the Mayas from antiquity to the present. One of its highlights is a typical Mayan house. Then follow the ecological path flanked by trees from the region, identified with their names. This will take you to the Temple of the Seven Dolls. 

The Temple of the Seven Dolls is also known as the Temple of the Sun, a square structure which was the focal point of the city. This second name may come from the phenomenon which takes place twice yearly, at the spring and fall equinoxes, when the rising sun is visible through one window and out the other, a tribute to the incredible mathematical knowledge of the Mayas. The temple is connected to the rest of the site by a sacbé, or "white road," so called because they were originally coated with white limestone, built over stone and rubble fill.

The more well known name, Temple of the Seven Dolls, comes from the seven small coarsely made effigy dolls found in the interior of the temple. The one-story square building has a central chamber surrounded by a corridor. There are four entrances with windows alongside each one, facing east and west. It may have been used as an astronomical observatory. The roof was like a tower, which projected upwards from a vaulted ceiling. There are steps on all four sides of the building, which was built on a pyramid-shaped pedestal. There are eight stucco masks on the frieze of the temple, as well as serpents and glyphs, and beads, sea animals, and feathers, all made in carved stucco. It wasn't until the 1950s that archaeologists discovered the temple buried under another building: for some reason around 800 AD, the temple was filled with rocks and then covered by another larger building. The remains of this second structure still partially cover it. Many other temples on the grounds have also been rebuilt and restored.

Dzibilchaltún is a great place to wander, enjoy the peaceful surroundings, climb the structures and imagine what life must have been like there hundreds of years ago. Dzibilchaltún is also a unique National Ecological Park with hundreds of species of fauna. 

Last but not least, head for the Xlacah (which means "old village") cenote for a refreshing swim. This cenote is open to the public until 4 PM. It tends to get a little busy on weekends. One end of the cenote is very shallow, while the other is over 140 feet deep and continues on into a tunnel. Many archaeological remains have been found in the cenote.

Note: INAH's ecxellent Museo del Pueblo Maya has now re-opened after extensive renovations.

How to get there:
To get to Dzibilchaltún, take the Mérida-Progreso highway north. After 11 km. you will see the sign to turn right. Drive for about 3 more km. You will see signs directing you to turn right after you pass the village. If you don't have a car, you can go by combi (collective taxi) on Calle 58 between 59 and 57, Centro. Open every day 8 am - 4.30 pm. The entrance fee is $134 pesos non-Mexicans, 103 pesos Mexican citizens. Entry fees include access to the museum. The site of Dzibilchaltún has various services to make the visitor comfortable: a restaurant, artisan objects in the gift shop, information booth, medical services, telephone, handicapped facilities, restrooms, and parking. We recommend hiring a guide at your arrival to explain the archaeological and astronomic wonders of this site. Hours: 8 am - 5 pm.


- Map of Dzibilchaltún
- Map of the Yucatán Peninsula



myan - progresso

Maybe we can do this on our own.


Urgent question

Hi, I'll be in Progreso, Yucatan on February 2. I just want to know if how far is the Dzibilchaltun from Progreso port? Is the Xlacah cenote and Dzibilchaltun free or is there any admission fee? If so, how much and are there taxi cabs/ buses or any means of transportation in those places? Please reply. Thank you.


re. urgent question

The site is about 30-40 min. drive from Progreso. The entrance fee is $107 pesos for foreigners, $82 pesos for Mexican nationals, children 5 pesos. If you are in port for the day in Progreso, there are taxis and tours which can take you there. This article may be of help:



Hello Juanita, Thank you for your response. I'm looking forward on my visit there.


Museum opened?

Just checking to see if the Museum at Dzibilchaltun has reopened. Visiting on early May 2011.
Thank you


re. museum

Still not open, and no estimated date of re-opening. When you get to town you can call 944 0033 for an update, or check with us again. This comment section is checked Mon-Fri. 8.30 am - 5 pm.



We will be visiting in 3 weeks- the first week of July. Is the museum open yet or any scheduled reopen date?


re. Museum

Still not open, and no estimated date of re-opening. When you get to town you can call 944 0033 for an update, or check with us again. This comment section is checked Mon-Fri. 8.30 am - 5 pm.


is it open yet?

I will be there in two weeks. Is it open yet?


re. is it open yet

Sorry...still not open, and no estimated date of re-opening. When you get to town you can call 944 0033 for an update, or check with us again. This comment section is checked Mon-Fri. 8.30 am - 5 pm.


your photo

Hi I am currently writing a blog entry on my own experience of Dziblechaltun, a while ago now, but would love to use your photo if possible. Am really heppy to give full credit to your site.


re. photo

The photo of Dzibilchaltun is from Turismo Yucatan, feel free to use it!


Diziblechaltun - Temple of the Dolls Photo

Hi Juanita thankyou very much.



Is the museum open yet? In Diziblechaltun?



re. museum

Not yet...but the other day they told us it should be ready by December. As soon as we know, we will update this article.



We will be visiting Dzibilchaltun for the spring equinox 2012 and are wondering if you can arrive the night before and spend the night on the grounds. Anyone know?


re. equinox

No, this is not permitted as far as we know.


Museum Open yet?

Hello, I was just wondering if the museum has reopened. I'm planning a trip to the site, and will go in mid-February. Have there been any announcements? Is it already open?


re. museum open yet

Still no news...sorry!


Museum/large groups

A group is headed here today. Is the museum open? And also, is there a discount for students and/or groups?


re. museum/large groups

The museum is not yet open. Mexican students with official ID can get a discount. Certain groups can get discounts but it has to be approved in advance. However, you can always ask at the ticket gate!


Museum Open Yet?

Just wondering if the museum is open yet?
Also, about how many people do you think were there on March 20-21? I heard the site was open early / dawn or before on the equinox. Is there a news report with any details from March 2012?
Thank you.


re. museum open yet?

YES THE MUSEUM IS NOW OPEN!!! I just found out it re-opened about a week ago. Entry prices published in this article include entry to the museum.

As far as the attendance numbers for March 20-21 are concerned, I tried calling the site directly (tel. 999-911-0069) but there was no answer. If I get this info I will publish it here.


Is site open on Easter Friday ?

Planning to go there tomorrow but wanted to know if site was open since it's easter Friday. I know stores are closed but wanted to make sure, I could find any websites with the information.


Is site open on Easter Friday ?

Yes! All sites are open 364 days a year.



My God it was HOT. In May, we got a bottle of water off the bus. Later after we walked around and got really hot, went to "gift shop" and had a 20 dollar bill and everyone could not buy anything. They dd't have any chnage in the whole place of business. So they had sodas, gatorade, pepsi, etc....BUT no change. :-((((


re. ruins

The problem was probably that you were trying to pay with foreign currency rather than Mexican pesos. There are federal restrictions about the use of foreign currency.



We are going in first week of Dec 2012 and are wondering if we need to change our US dollars to pesos for visiting the ruins and shopping? Also, where do we do this if need be?



Will they accept US dollars for entrence fee or do we need to do a currency exchange? If so, where do we do this? Also, I am coming on a cruise line in Dec and it seems about $40.00 US dollars cheaper per person to go on our own rather than book through the cruiseline. Is this recommended to do?


price for archaeological site of Dzibilchaltun

Price: some say $107 each, some quote different prices in Pesos and dollars? The 4 hour excursion from the Carnival Cruise Ship Elation in January, 2013 says $59 each adult!!
What is the truth?


re. price

The price to enter the site and museum is 115 pesos per person. The 4-hour excursion from the ship is probably priced in US dollars and includes transportation as well as entry to the site, and maybe some other extras, you'll have to check with the cruise line.


Travel to Dzibilchaltun

Traveling to Progreso via Carnival on 9/17. How do I get from port to Dzibilchaltun and how much will it cost? Do I need Peso's for entry fee?


re. travel to dzibilchaltun

You have a couple of options: rent a car or take a tour. Here is our list of car rentals. Here is our list of tour operators. Here is another helpful article. Yes, you should have pesos for the entry fee and tour.


fall equinox

My husband and I are planning on coming at dawn for the fall equinox. Will the site be open?


re. fall equinox

The site opens at 4.30 am on the 21st and 22nd.


It was sooooooooooo hot there

It was sooooooooooo hot there we just came from ther off of the elation on oct 6 thru oct 12 2012. It was a very nice place to visit please take water with you and also small bills (1's) so in case you run out of stuff to drink. Take lots and lots of pictures it is a beautiful place. There is a shaded path on the outside of the ruins that you can walk. There was a package at the excurision desk that you can purchase it included the ruins, tour guide, transportion, buffet, and horse show. This was the biggest bang for the buck. It was $165. for two people ($84. or so a piece). was a great deal.make sure you take sunscreen and a hat you will be thankful that you did.Just dont buy the first hats when you get off at the port. They wanted $25. each just around the corner they have some for $3. at the last little shop, they will have a sign that they will have and that will be where you meet the group. hope you have a great time when you go.


Questions about admission

We will be traveling to Progreso in a couple of weeks. We are very excited about Dzibilchaltun! We were looking into doing a tour (booked from Carnival Cruise), but for our family of 5, it would cost us about $230.00 USD (and that was with the 1-year-old getting in free)!!! I looked what you guys posted about pricing and it said that it's only 115 pesos/person (which would come to about $44.00 USD--much more affordable). My questions are: Is that correct? Is it that much cheaper to go on our own? Can we pay w/ US dollars? Also, do infants get in free? Thank you so much! :)


Just a note

Hello everybody,

Just a little comment. A week ago I went to Dzibilchaltun and it closes at 4:30pm not 5:00. I guess they chance the times. I hope the info is useful for you. :)


re. just a note

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I have heard at a conferece that the most recent datation for Dzibilchaltun says it was populated in the II milennium b.C.; anyone knows anything about it?

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