Feria Yucatan Xmatkuil

The Feria Yucatán Xmatkuil 2013 will take place from Nov. 8 - Dec. 1.

In Yucatán it’s party time! The time when the different sectors of society unite for a great celebration, the 39th edition of Feria Yucatán.

Entertainment consisting of artistic and cultural activities blend with livestock, commerce, and industry, all together from Nov. 8 to Dec. 1 at the fairgrounds located in the suburb of Xmatkuil, just a few kilometers south of Mérida.

For three weeks, visitors will have the chance to enjoy approximately 2200 events, including:

1.- “The Knights Of The Realm”
For this show the audience is transported to the medieval age, where you can see characters on horseback, with swords and armor.

2.- “Delfinario” (Dolphinarium)
Show with dolphins, seals and divers.

3.- “Show Sobre Hielo” (Show on Ice)
This is a presentation of 14 skaters onstage with different shows of approximately 50 minutes in duration.

4.- “Forever Circus”
Circus show with 18 performers, presenting acrobats, jugglers, tightrope walkers, clowns, dancers, and more.

5.- “Pabellón de las Aves Rapaces” (Birds of Prey Pavilion)
Here you can find birds of prey, native to Mexico, including owls, falcons, ravens, eagles, vultures, and the Royal Eagle.

6.- “Serpentario” (Snake Pavilion)
Here you will be able to see venemous and non-venomous snakes.

7.- “Parque Interactivo” (Interactive Park)
This place has an aviary with regional species, a butterly house with species such as the Cracker Butterfly, Triki Traka, Reyna, Chaya, Blue Morpho, and False Monarch. Here kids will also be able to interact with farm animals like rabbits, goats, and pigs, among others.

Visitors will have various options to enjoy good food, at different restaurants with a wide variety of options located around the fair to satisfy every taste.

One of the gems of Yucatecan culture is the Vaquería, and this will be performed on Friday, Nov. 29 at 8 pm, in the Teatro del Pueblo, with dozens of dancers from statewide municipalities to dance the “jarana.”

The three stages where you will be able to see musical performances are the Teatro del Pueblo, the PIsta de Calificación and the Palenque. Don’t miss the big stars who will be performing here!

Comedy will also have its own space during the weekends, at “La Carpa de Espectáculos”, where various local comedians will entertain you and make you laugh.

There are so many activities you will need to go more than once. At every time of day there will always be something happening and a new chance to have great experiences at Feria Yucatán, “everyone’s fair.”

Performers will be as follows:

Teatro del Pueblo

  • Los Primos MX
  • Fidel Rueda
  • La Sonora Santanera
  • La Auténtica de Jerez
  • Los Súper Lamas
  • Junior Klan
  • Genitállica
  • La Gusana Ciega
  • Paty Cantú
  • DJ Pelos
  • Big Metra
  • Claudio Yarto
  • Los Claxons
  • Melissa y Sebastían
  • Batarse
  • Dulce María

Pista de Calificación

  • Banda MS
  • Espinoza Paz


  • Fey
  • Sentidos Opuestos
  • Francisco Céspedes
  • Alejandra Guzmán
  • Sasha, Benny y Erick
  • María José 



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