Happy 26th Birthday Yucatan Today!

Yucatan Today 26 years

On January 15th, 2014, the Yucatan Today family celebrated its 26th anniversary of accompanying tourists as they travel about the land of the Maya. Consistency and dedication plus a special love for Mérida and the state of Yucatán, are part of the reason for such an important milestone; and any company which has survived 26 years has experienced good times and bad. But Yucatan Today would not be here without YOU: the readers, advertisers, and suppliers are part of the Yucatan Today family.

Since 1976, Juan Manuel Mier y Terán and his wife Judy Abbott have been designing, editing and publishing tourist guides. They have always had the vision of having the tourist feel as if they were being taken by the hand and being shown the land of the Maya that they love so much. And, after graduating with a degree in Graphic Design in 1999 and a Master's Degree in Marketing in 2001, the Mier y Terán Abbott's daughter, Andrea, joined the family business as Commercial Director, where she continues the family publishing tradition.

Knowing that anyone who visits a new place needs maps to get oriented, Yucatan Today has become famous for its maps; presently the magazine has 28 detailed maps. The magazine is loved by not only visiting tourists, but also the large ex-pat community that has chosen to live in Mérida and its surrounding areas, and the local community as well. Yucatan Today is printed in its own print shop - Dynamic Offset. This is how the company not only controls the quality, but also makes sure the magazine is out on the streets the 15th of the month come rain or shine.

On January 15th, 1988, Yucatan Today was hot off the presses at Dynamic Offset with a circulation of 5,000 magazines. Today there are 16 people on the Yucatan Today / Dynamic Offset team and a monthly circulation of 15,000 magazines.

To keep up with technology, it was necessary to enter the world of Internet. With this in mind, they created yucatantoday.com that in 2005 won the "Silver Lens, Pen and Microphone Award"  (La Lente, La Pluma y El Micrófono de Plata) for "the best tourism website in Mexico." They received this award from then president Vicente Fox during the 30th edition of the Tianguis Turística in Acapulco, Mexico.

In 2009, the website underwent a complete design change, and is now better and more complete. And in 2010 Yucatan Today joined the world of social networking; you can find them on Facebook: Yucatan Today and Twitter: yucatantoday

Yucatan Today and yucatantoday.com are listed in the world's best known travel guides as the magazine to look for in Mérida and the website to consult for Yucatán info: Frommer's, Let's Go - Cheap Travel, Lonely Planet Moon, and Rough Guide. They are also Destination Experts on www.tripadvisor.com

Thank you for being with us for 26 years…here’s to the next 26 years, and beyond!



venta de casa

estoy vendiendo mi casa y quiero saber las opciones, he querido visitarlos pero no encuentro la direccion de la oficina
manuel carrillo



Nuestra oficina: Calle 39 #483 x 54 y 56, Col. Centro, Mérida

TEL: (999) 927 8531
TEL: (999) 927 6711

Anuncios en web: http://yucatantoday.com/es/anunciarse-en-internet

Anuncios en revista:


found you!

Hola Juan,
I wondered where you got to. Just mentioned you yesterday to Deborah Wilson and voila! How have you been? Did you know that I sold Boulevard and retired 2 years ago? I have a home in La Manzanilla on the west coast, Jalisco, and now spend my winters down there. Have you been happy having made the move to Mexico? Do you ever get back up this way? I might have to come to Merida one day to see you.
Felicidades on your new life!


donde se puede conseguir la revista

buen dia
me pueden comentar donde se puede conseguir la revista en Mérida?

cuales son los puntos de distribución?

gracias y saludos


re. conseguir la revista

La tenemos en hoteles, restaurantes, oficinas de turismo, etc. O puedes venir a nuestra oficina: Calle 39 No. 483 x 54 y 56 Centro. Al fondo. Lunes a viernes de 8.30 a 5.


Congrats on 23 years!!

Hola Juan Manuel and Judy,

Congrats on 23 years! Your magazine is world class for sure!! The maps and other information is very helpful. I always pick up a copy when I visit Merida.

I wish you wonderful sailing this New Year!

Fair winds,


firstday in town...

Upon my arrival, by bus, in Sisal, -

from Merida, I met a nice guy who

immediately gave me a copy of your

magazine - apparently to answer my

many questions... He said it was

all I needed !

I am looking forward to a few

months, here, as a retiree.

Tight lines!,




I fell in love with Merida a year ago when I wrote a travel article about it. I had a hell of a lot to learn, and YT was there for me, a constant friend.

Today, I am about to break ground on my new home, just blocks from Yucatan Today's offices. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for all resources you have provided to me this past year, and to congratulate you on this magnificent achievement.


re. unparallelled

Wow! Thanks for the wonderful comment, Lee. Send me an email or give me a call when you have a minute to drop in and say hello.

Juanita Stein, YT Editor


print version of your magazine

Hi there ! As yet another couple of expats seriously thinking about re-locating to Merida we've been accessing and appreciating the web site for the past year. I just signed up for the e-newsletter. I'm not clear, is there still also a conventional, monthly print magazine ? Let me know.


well done

Our first visit to merida was three years ago and we have just closed on our new casa today. Your magazine was a huge help on our first second and third trip, once we have it all together I will get a subscrption for the house, we will be renting the house until we can retire and of course using it for vacation. Your maps were a big help, we have bought by the chenbech market and the maps cut off before that part of town wondering if you have thought of expanding the map with that side of town starting to develope.We went exploring and found we loved that area. Thanks Tracy


re. well done

Hola Tracy THANK YOU for the compliments :) Yes we have thought about how to expand the maps, it is a big challenge, we either add a new area and cut off something else, or we shrink it all so everything fits and then it becomes illegible. Thanks for your understanding and being a loyal reader in spite of this!!! Congratulations on your new house!!!



You might of have allready tried this but what about keeping it the same size and adding the east side of town [chem bech] as a fold out peice. Just a thought.

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