In its role as the hub of Yucatán’s coastal communities, Progreso is something of a paradox. Its laid-back ambience is still appealing most of the year; many North Americans and Europeans who want to escape their chilly winters are attracted to Progreso as a place to live part-time or full-time. They like the fact that there are restaurants, hardware stores, supermarkets, and a good hospital; all essential services are there. And of course they are only a half hour drive from Mérida and all its nearby attractions. Others, however, don’t want to live in the “hustle-bustle” of this port city of 54,000 inhabitants…they prefer the smaller towns of Chelem or Telchac Puerto, or the spacious beaches of San Benito or San Bruno, and use Progreso as a place to shop or dine.

Either way, Progreso has long been a crucial link to the world. Its foundation came about due to necessity. During the height of the henequén export era, the port town of Sisal (west of Progreso) was the main cargo departure point. But the shipping industry needed a place which was closer to the capital of Mérida. In 1856, federal permission was granted to erect the new town. In 1871 it was officially founded, and in 1875 given the category of “city”.

In 1893 the lighthouse was inaugurated. It is 36 meters high, with a 700 mm. diameter lantern that turns.

In 1936 a Danish company began construction of the pier, which was completed in 1947. In 1989 nearby Yucalpetén was inaugurated as the Puerto de Abrigo (shelter port), which has full marina facilities today, and the following year the Remote Terminal was inaugurated with its 6.5 km. viaduct. All of this helped to establish Progreso as a major international shipping port for both import and export; Linea Peninsular has been operating cargo service since 1984, and its current schedule goes between Progreso and Panama City, Florida, four times a week. Progreso’s docking facilities and proximity to Mérida and the Mundo Maya has put it on the itineraries of many cruise ships as well. And the 2009 and 2012 transatlantic sailing races Solidaire du Chocolat, from France to Progreso, introduced the port to a new international audience.

The residents of Mérida also love Progreso. At Easter and in the summer months, Progreso is anything but laid-back…thousands of Meridanos flock to their homes away from home and swim, eat, drink, and dance. Before and after those busy times Progreso reverts to its other personality, peaceful but just busy enough to suit most visitors, and the homes owned by the Mérida residents are available for rent.

The beaches of Progreso are clean and the water a lovely emerald green (except at times during the winter months when the winds and tides of “nortes” stir up the water and toss seaweed on shore). There is also no undertow to speak of, which means it is a pleasure to swim there. Many of the restaurants on the seaside promenade, the “malecón”, have tables on the sand and will serve you there. What could be better than freshly grilled fish and a cold beer under a swaying palm tree…heavenly!

Click here to read a blog about Progreso Carnaval 2013, written by Kelly, a Canadian mom spending some time in Progreso with her 2 kids.

How to get there
Driving from Mérida is easy, just go north on Calle 60 or Paseo de Montejo until you reach Progreso. Public transportation is provided by Autoprogreso and operates every 10 minutes between 5 am and 10 pm, at a cost of 19 pesos one way, 35 pesos roundtrip, from their terminal on Calle 62 between 65 and 67.

Near Progreso
El Corchito, an ecological preserve that has been around for over 10 years. Located just 2 KM east of the entrance to Progreso, this preserve was visited by the Governor of Yucatán recently and is starting to gain notoriety. El Corchito is operated by local fishermen who now work to nurture the mangrove swamp by reinforcing canals which improve water circulation and encourage the growth of native plants.

Just a 5-minute boat ride in one of the several lanchas (boats) takes you into the cool shadows of the mangroves where the fishermen have built palapas and picnic tables from native wood. You can swim in any of three designated fresh-water pools, sling your hammock in the shade to relax, or wander the well-kept paths to see local fish and waterfowl. If you're really quiet, you might see a deer come to drink at one of the more isolated pools. Bring lunch and be sure to bring your camera! 

To reach El Corchito, turn east toward Chicxulub at the entrance to Progreso (where the Pemex station is). Go 2 KM to the second roundabout (glorieta) where you will see a sign to El Corchito. Veer to your right and continue on a few meters. You'll see a dirt road on your right that will take you to the boat landing area. Boat rides begin at 8:30 am daily and run until dusk. Cost is $20 pesos per person for the boat ride.

Looking for something else to do besides the above? It’s a short ride to the Mayan archaeological sites of Dzibilchaltun or Xcambo.

Check out this catchy video!

Recommended Reading
- Port of Call: Progreso
- Progreso Marinas and Water Sports

- Hotel Colonial Progreso
- Hotel Tropical Suites
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- Los Flamingos
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- Yum-Ixpu

Discos and bars in Progreso (open all year)

Eladio's on the Malecón (daytime only)
Carta Blanca  on the Malecón
Scandor on the Malecón (only open Friday and Saturday nights)
Exo (near Chicxulub, only open Friday and Saturday nights)

Discos between Progreso and Chicxulub (only open in July and August, on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays)

El Cielo
Pirata Morgan

Centro Medico Americano
Tel. (969) 935 0951
Half block from the Main Plaza

Car Rental
Yucatan Vacations Car Rental
Tel. (969) 935 7440
Email: [email protected]



scooter rentals

Am coming to Progresso in Sept on a cruise want to rent a scooter and see the city, shop and sight see

satelite tv

does anyone know if dishnetwork satelite tv works in this area 


Scooter rental

There is a scooter rental just across the street from where you will be dropped off by the free bus ride. The operator is really nice and can give you pointers on where to ride..Also the locals are forgiving on the streets otherwise my wife and I would have been in a lot of trouble! LOL


winter weather

What are the average temperature in December. You stated something about bringing a sweater if case a cold front comes in. Appro. are we talking 30, 40, 50 degrees? If it's 50 or below then I will definately need something heavier than a sweater. I am really trying to gauge how to pack for this weather.


Car rental on pier or town and scooter rental

How much is the scooter rental? We would like to go to uxmal and a nice cenote? Any Ideas?



Hi, the coldest would probably be 50 at night...I would bring a warm sweater and some long sleeve shirts...dressing in layers is your best bet.


For scooter rental in

For scooter rental in Progreso, your best bet is to contact GLOBAL CAR RENTAL, an agency in Progreso. Tel: (969) 935 7440. Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

For Uxmal and a cenote you would need to take a tour or rent a car. It is about a 2.5 hour trip from Progreso. Check out our articles:

If you don't want to go that far, Dzibilchaltun offers a great ruin site, lovely cenote, and excellent museum, much closer to Progreso:

And check out our maps:



We are taking our children,ages 10 and 8, on a cruise and are going to Progreso. Anyone have any suggestions of what to do? They enjoy snorkeling, is this a good port of call for that?


Progreso port of call

Hi, here is an article to tell you about the best activities for Progreso:


best way to get to the beach

We will be on a Carnival cruise ship coming to Progreso in Oct. What is the best (and least exspensive) beach to go to and best way to travel there? Thanks so much! Kelly


Progresso to Chuburna

Hi, we will be arriving on cruise ship and would like to know the best way to get to Chuburna for the day. Is there a bus that goes to and from there? How often does it run (we need to get back to the ship in time). Thank you very much for your help. B



Progreso is right on a gorgeous beach! Read more about what there is to do on your day in port here:


Buses to Chuburna

Yes, there is a combi (minivan) which runs every half hour...just ask when you get off the ship where the bus station is for bus to Chuburna, everything is within walking distance. BE SURE to ask what the departure times are for the return trip and where to catch it in Chuburna, give yourself a bit of a cushion so you are not running against the clock. A taxi would be another option, and probably quite inexpensive.


Buses to Chuburna

Thank you very much for the information. We are looking forward to the trip so much but have so little time to spend there! Your help is greatly appreciated.


Sports in or near Progreso

Will be in Progreso for a month....does anyone know of a swimming pool for lane swimming, and where you can rent or purchase a bici/bicycle in the area?


Retiring in Progreso

Can you direct me to a website that contains information about the price of real estate and any conditions that impact on ownership for Canadians locating to Progeso. What about safety in this city, is Progeso experiencing the same violence related to drugs as other parts of Mexico? Is there an official website for Progreso that provides information. Thank you.


Please read:

Please read:
As far as safety is concerned, don't worry! The violence you have heard about is mainly limited to the border regions where the drug cartels are fighting for territory control. Read more:
and this: also:



Try a website with lots of useful info.



I have had a house in Chelem for 6 years. The average temp in dec. is 65-70 at nite and 75 in the day


Car rental

I have been sending emails to Global Car Rental in Progreso regarding a car rental and they nver reply.....Do they really exist? I am wondering where in Progreso they are located???? I would appreciate any information you could supply.Gracias


We are coming to Progreso

We are coming to Progreso the first 2 weeks of March, our first visit, excited,unsure of what to expect re weather, highlights not to be missed, must see and do. Any recommendations re golf courses? Arriving in Cancun, does anyone know of a private shuttle to Progreso or is it best to take the bus from the local bus station there? Any hints on getting to the bus station from the airport? Would love some feedback




Hi! We have a little casita there(we live in New York) and love not miss eating at Chez Michele at the Hotel Yakunah---Breakfast lunch or dinner (and the happy hour) is the best food in town (best hotel in town as well) Gerben and Elke are great hosts who have created a little hidden treasure there.
And take the first class bus across from Cancun--it is clean, cheap and you will sleep off the plane trip. Then it is only a quick and cheap bus ride from Merida.-Go to El Corchito to bathe in the natural mangrove swamp pools-and when you are in the Yakunah, ask Gerben for directions to the Henequen hacienda-it's lovely too (and swim in that cenote) and of course, many Mayan ruins are within 90 minutes of Progreso Have fun!, Owen and Barbara



hello , I was wondering what a nice 2 bedroom goes for in that area - years ago my family an i went to reef yucatan in telchac an just loved the area, looking for a good deal in that area if u have any leads i certainly would like to here from you thanks so much mark.


Will only be there for a

Will only be there for a day, what do you suggest? I love the beach, water and good food. Natural swamp pools sound awesome.

Thanks for the helpful info!


re. will only be there for a day

Read about a day in Progreso here:


condo rental

Have been visiting Progreso area since 1988.We have decided to try to move closer to Progreso and are trying to contact someone at the Orca condos without any luck.
Any chance you could help?



I'm somewhat of a cigar aficionado.
where can a fellow pick up a good Cuban Cigar in Progreso?


re. cigars

There is only one official Cuban cigar certified store in Yucatan: La Casa del Habano in Merida (formerly known as Mercer Cigars). Anywhere else you risk getting a fake...Read more: and


Thank You for the Info.

Thank You for the Info.



We are hoping to rent a condo or house for the month of December in the Progreso area. One possibility is Marina Tortugas in Puerto Yucalpeten. Is this a decent area? Or is it more of an industrial area? I was concerned about the large lagoon I see is near there, wondering about biting insects there and also anywhere else to avoid for that issue.



house rental

Hi..we have a two bedroom, one bath house at calle 25 y 52 in Progreso..near everything and just a block and a half from the beach (visible just down the street) has a backyard, a nice kitchen, open floor plan and nicely tiled bathroom, kitchen etc....we live in ny and are probably going to be too busy (unfortunately) to be there this December. We are near all amenities and a hop skip from the Hotel Yakunah-the best place to eat and hang in Progreso--let us know. thanks


House on Beach Rental

I have a beautiful 3 bedroom 4 bath home on the beach in Progreso you can walk to restaurants on the beach.
The house also has a private pool. Charming and large.
Near all transportation. The bus service to Merida is great from the little sleepy village of Progreso.
Don't hesitate to contact us.
Genya And Julie


House on Beach Rental

You could go to and see all the details ... Thank you Genya


My wife and I are looking

My wife and I are looking for a house in Progresso from mid-december to mid-january.

How much for the for one month?

Jp Beaudry


House on Beach Rental

Hi, Well, the house is taken for that month, these people actually rented for 3 months..Dec Jan Feb....please let me have your telephone number incase anything happens because you never know.. Thanks


rental wanted

Hi, My husband and I are looking for a beachfront or close to beach rental for the months of Jan &/or Feb 2011 in the Progreso area. Does anyone have a contact or possibly a property? Beach must be safe for swimming. Thanks!


re. rental in Yucatan



We will be in Progreso in January. What can we expect the weather and beach to be like?


re. weather

It can be quite chilly and windy if we get a "norte" blow in (a cold front from up north where you are probably trying to escape from). You can expect anything from lows of 50 to 60 F to highs of 60 to 75 F. Bring a sweater and a pair of long pants, but also bring your shorts and bathing suit. The water will be rough during a norte and smooth as glass when there is no norte.


Sewing Fabric in Progreso


I will be visiting Progreso next week. Was wondering if there is anywhere there to purchase fabric suitable for garments, accessories, etc? We will be cruising with Carnival Cruise lines. Would the stores carrying fabric be located anywhere near the area where the ship docks? Please advise.

We will be in Cozumel the next day...any information concerning fabric availability there would also be appreciated.

P. Frederick
[email protected]


re. fabric

The largest fabric chain store in Mexico is Telas Parisina. Telas Parisina has a store at No. 1 Calle 80 in Progreso. Click here for map: As you can see, Calle 80 is only 1 block from the cruise ship terminal. They are open seven days a week.They do not appear to have a store in Cozumel. Web:



Thanks for the reply. A little cooler than I hoped but it will be better than here!



We are going on a cruise Jan.15th with Carnival and will be arriving in Progresso on the 17th. We are interested on going on a tour to Dzibilchaltun Ruins, Mexican Buffet & Horseshow but wonder if we would have more fun & see more by renting a car or would a taxi be better.
We can only afford one thing as we want to do a tour on Cozumel also. Do you know anything about Passion Island off of Cozumel? Thanks Katherine


re. vacation

Please see our article: Renting a car or hiring a taxi would also be fun! See ourlist of car rentals: Also see our list of maps: Best of all: you might want to contact Ralf at who I know personally and who would provide you with a fantastic day. Tell him Yucatan Today sent you!

Long Term Rentals

My wife and I are planning on moving to Progreso and would appreciate any information on the availability of long-term furnished rental accommodation. We'd be looking for a 2+ bed, 2 bath property (either apt or house) on or near the beach for a min period of 2 years.

Any information would be greatly appreciated


Chichen Itza ruins/car rentals/beaches

Hello all,
My wife and I are traveling via Carnival Cruise line to Progesso the first week of November. We want to go to the Chichen Itza ruins. I was debating on renting a car and driving there myself or paying for a tour. I don't like the idea of having to wait for a bus or the chance the we miss the boat. I realize Chichen Itza is further away, but a lot larger than the pyramids closer to Merida.The boat is also going to Cozumel. My brother told me about Paradise Beach. We're debating on that as well. My wife is from Mexico so the language barrier isn't a problem I speak quite a bit of Spanish as well.If anyone has any pointers please shoot me an email or reply with ideas.


Long Term Rentals

Juanita, thanks for the information



This is a difficult trip to make on a cruise ship day. The driving time is at least 3 hours each way and you need a half day at the site. If the cruise ship offers a tour, I would take it rather than risk doing it on your own and missing the ship departure. If you are on a ship's shore excursion they won't leave without you! Here is an article on other options for your day in port:
As far as Cozumel, I am not familiar with the beaches there as our website specializes in the state of Yucatan, and Cozumel is in the neighboring state of Quintana Roo.


Re:Chichen Itza ruins/car rentals/beaches

Thank you Juanita. I appreciate the input.


Condo at Marina

I have two condo at Marina Tortugas at the harbor in Progreso all very well furnished, TV and Internet.

will be a pleasure to send more info.

N. Ricalde


Long Term Rental In Progresso area

My husband and I are interested in a long term Rental in Progresso area starting the end of Jan. 2011. Looking for a low price rental while we search for a house to buy and which area we like best. Thanks for any info.


re. long term rental in progreso

Beach House for Rent:

Progreso Vacation Rentals:

K'ab Yucatán:


long term retals

thanks I will send you pictures...NRG


Schools and house

Hi there, love this forum! You provide a much-needed service.

I'm looking for a public primary school in Progreso for my 2 boys who will be in Kindergarten and 1st grade next school year. I'm looking for immersion in Spanish, which they already speak but need to strengthen. Also we'll need a 3 bedroom (ideally 4 bedroom) place, ideally on or very close to the beach.

Any school recommendations and ideas for a house would be much appreciated!


Isla Passion - Cozumel

My fiance' and I were on a Cruise in April 09 and took the "Twister Boat" to Isla Passion. It included a buffet dinner and a margarita. The Twister Boat was lots of fun, but is not for those who may have back or neck problems-it REALLY jerks you around, and ladies-pull up your hair no matter how short! The island was lovely very quiet/peaceful beautiful beach! They did offer massages on the island right near the beach. My fiance' and I would do this again.


Progreso scuba

Are there any scuba shops in or near Progreso? I'm stopping there on a cruise next week and would really like to dive while in port. Salt water is preferred to cenotes.


re. progreso scuba

Here is the info:

Eduardo Vazquez

[email protected]

Mention Yucatan Today, he is a friend of ours!



We are considering an extended stay in the Merida area.Are there any English speaking schools in the Merida or Progreso area. I have a 9th grader that now goes to private school in the US. Thank you.


re. schools

There are no all-English schools. The majority of classes in junior high or high school are taught in Spanish, with English taught as a second language. FYI: grade 9 is the equivalent of grade 3 of Secundaria (junior high). This article may help you:



Hi we are in Progreso at moment and can't find a laundry mat. Will be here for three more weeks. Help please.


re. laundry

You may not find a laundromat, it is not customary here. People drop off their laundry at "lavanderías" where they wash and dry and fold it all for you at a very reasonable price. They usually charge by the kilo. But visit and see if you can get help from the beach expat group.


Dzibilchaltun Ruins, Mexican Buffet & Horseshow

we done this tour about a month ago and it was awsome!! I plan on going back to progresso next dec. and instead of the tour I'll get a taxi and go back to the ruins on my own. Our tour guide was very informative..I could have stayed at the ruins all day. Hope this helps.. go look at my pictures on facebook it would be 2010 cruise or mayan ruins my facebook is under chasidy barr rush. enjoy your cruise! we were on the Elation 12/4/2010, loved it!


Air conditioning

I am currently looking for a place to rent for the month of June on the beach. I have looking in the Progreso or Chicxulub area I noticed alot of places do not have air conditioning. Is this something to consider before renting during the summer months ?


re. air conditioning.

Good question. Please contact Susan Stewart at

Email: [email protected]


She handles lots of beach rental properties and will be able to answer your question.


Renting a car in Cancun and driving to Progreso

A few years ago I flew into Cancun, rented a car and drove to Progreso on the toll road. I had no problems. I am thinking about doing it again in February 2011. I am bringing my boyfriend this time and he is concerned about our personal safety. Would like to hear your thoughts.(and need to calm him down ;) assuming everything is OK.


re. renting a car

Yes it is safe! Really this part of Mexico does not have the same kinds of security issues as other parts of Mexico. I drive the roads to Progreso and Cancun all the time. Of course you know you have to go via Merida, there is not a direct road from Cancun to Progreso. Have fun!



Thanks for writing back. It will calm his nerves not only to hear it from me but to see it in print from someone there who knows!!! Many people have written about how safe it is but many of the writings are from 2006, etc. He wants to see it in the now :)



My fiance and I are coming in May and we are very interested in doing some fishing...Any suggestions?


Recent Robberies in Progreso

If you are renting one of the houses on the beach between progreso and Uaymitun, be aware that there has been a lot of robberies lately in the area. We rented one of the large lovely houses in Chixulub and were broken into the first week we were there. We were sleeping (with our two kids) when it happened. Just about every tourist I spoke with who had been staying in the area for any length of time had been robbed this year or last. One Canadian was robbed twice in the same week and stole his wallet off his bedside table next to where he and his wife were sleeping. Make sure the house you rent is secure and don't leave your valuables in plain sight. Many of these houses have slatted glass windows which the police told me are just like having an open door. The thieves were somewhat conscientious as we eventually got our wallets and passports back. They just want the cash and electronics. However we could never relax after that and decided to leave the house.


re. recent robberies in progreso

Thank you for your comment. We have been aware of some robberies. I think there will always be an attraction of beach homes everywhere; people who stay in beach houses always have money, cameras, and other electronics. Your advice is excellent: "Make sure the house you rent is secure and don't leave your valuables in plain sight." Unbelievably, many of the people who have been robbed were sleeping with unlocked patio doors. This is not something you would do at home, so use the same common sense when on vacation. None of these thefts have had any violence connected with them, and it is not the first time we have heard about passports, etc. being returned.

YT Editor



My ex-wife and I will be visiting Merida/Progresso for 2 weeks in April prior to making a final decision about retiring in the area.

During our trip we'd really like to get re-married (!!!). I have already looked at the general requirements in Mexico but there seem to be differences in local regulations. I wondered if anyone knows where I could get the appropriate information for a ceremony in Merida or Progresso.

Thank you.


Internet Stick Service

Is there an explanation for the sporadic Telcel 3G internet service in Uaymitun? It runs from excellent some days to non-existent on others.


re. marriage



Several years ago my husband and I went on a cruise. We found a wonderful restaurant called Three Barrels. I think it was owned by a man who went to college in America then went back to Progresso. My daughter is now going to Progresso on a cruise and I cant find this restaurant. Does it still exist??


re. restaurant

I've asked around and no one knows of a place with that name now or in the past. There is, however, a restaurant called Los Barriles (The Barrels) in Chicxulub, about 3 to 4 miles east of Progreso. It's a block east of the main plaza on the main coastal road. Could that be it? Well known for seafood, very popular...otherwise, tell your daughter if she wants a good reliable seafood meal on her cruise day, to stop in to Flamingos restaurant in Progreso right on the Malecón (boardwalk). Excellent food and service.



Tks Juanita, Sorry it took so long to get back to you


Robbery in Chixulub

We love coming to Progreso and have been there 5 years in the months of Jan-March. 3 yeays ago we rented a beautiful home on the beach in Chixulub. We had a party downstairs and stupidly left the upstairs sliding glass doors open with the screens locked. The thiefs cut the screens and took our two computers, electric razor, passports, money, and credit cards. We love to come to the area, but now rent only properties with security gates. You notice we still come. It's a great area and we feel very safe. We just were a target. I blame ourselves for being stupid.


Progreso - Chicxulub border

I've been trying to find out where the town limits of Progreso and Chicxulub are. I don't recall seeing any signs along Calle 19 or 23(?) on my bus run. Would it be around Calle 56? That looks like the logical spot.


cell phones

What cell phones carriers have international plans that work in progresso and merida?



There are basically 2 ways to go: 1) Telcel is the company with the easiest plans for cell phones.

2) I also recommend contacting William Lawson for more information on renting cell phones in Mexico.


I will be in progresso on a

I will be in progresso on a cruise line come mid May and desperately need help finding a rental car...prefferably a jeep wrangler. does anyone know how to go about this? from what i gather there is global car rental in progresso and that is it. Are most of the renal places in Merida? Have a ton planned for the day and just need help finding the best way to get around. Help!


Car Rental


looking for long term rental

We are trying to find a long term rental in Progresso.


re. long term rental in Progreso

Check and also When searching, be sure to spell it correctly, only one "S". And be sure to check our accommodation listings too!


Long term rental

We are looking for house or condo for long term rental for 1 year or more. Would like 2 bedroom,1.5 or 2 bath close to beach,shopping,and grocery stores. We are retired and on a buget. Thanks Victor


Long term rental

Thank you for your reply.Victor


Swimming in March

We will be taking a cruise the first week in March and our first port is Progreso. I am wondering how warm the water is that time of year? I would hate to get there expecting to swim in the ocean and the water be too cold...


re. swimming in March

The water temperature should be fine for swimming on days when it's warm and sunny. We do get "nortes" during the winter months, when cool air comes down from up north and gives us a spell of cloud and wind, even some drizzle. It usually does not last more than a day or two but on those days swimming will be unappealing as the air is cooler and the winds churn up the sand and seaweed. By March the frequency of nortes diminishes greatly, they are more prevalent in Dec.-Feb.


tattoo shop

does anyone know of any tattoo shops in progreso?


Accessibile sightseeing

My husband and I are going on a cruise in january and will be stopping in Progreso. My husband is very active paraplegic but is confined to a wheelchair. He can't walk but can transfer in and out of cars and such. I can help him up a few steps and rough terrain. He really wants to see the ruins but unless the buses have a wheelchair lift he wouldn't be able to get on it. What would be the best option for us as far as renting a car and going at it on our own or hiring a guide?


re. accessible sightseeing

Here is your perfect solution:

He is a Canadian married to a Yucatecan and has lived here over 20 years, knows every nook and cranny of this region, speaks fluent Spanish, and has a great sense of humor. He will meet you at the ship and get you back in time.


beach house rental

Check out our new website at We welcome all feedback.


Would like to take ferry boat from Tampa to Progreso?

We plan on spending a month in Yucatan approximately February 15 to March 15, 2012, to escape from the winter snows in Wisconsin.

Is that a Florida or Progreso charter/ferry boat that could take us and pick us up 30 days later?

We love to travel.



re. ferry boat

Hola, there used to be a ferry from Tampa to Progreso but it was discontinued about 3 or 4 years ago. There is talk of a new service starting up this winter, but nothing definitie yet. We will be SURE to publish the info on this article if we hear anything one way or the other! But if I were you, I would have a Plan B in mind.



Thanks! But Plan B it is for now,,, do keep me posted. Maybe swe can be on the first trip!!!!!!


ferry update

The latest news...per an email we received from Tamara, who is in touch with the investors:

"I know many of you are getting anxious to book flights and make plans for your trips to Mexico this fall and winter and were looking forward to the possibility of taking the ferry this year. It was hoped sales would begin this fall for launch early next year but unfortunately the ferry service will not be launched in 2011, however, it is proposed for sometime in 2012. The launch date announcement will be made once all the required agreements have been made. In the meantime United Caribbean Lines continue to meet with governments and officials in the US and Mexico in an attempt to facilitate a speedy launch. They are also working on an abbreviated website for interested parties. As soon as I have a launch date or firm information I will forward another email. I know many of you will be disappointed by this news but unfortunately we will all have to keep waiting a little longer.

In the meantime I have been asked by United Caribbean Lines to collect more data and answer more questions allowing them to use the information to craft programs designed specifically for the expatriate and snow bird markets. I apologize if it seems like some of the questions are the same as the previous survey but this time we are looking for details and specifics, so please provide as much information as you feel comfortable sharing. Even if you never plan to use the ferry, please complete as much of the survey as possible, since we need youR input as well.

If you live six or more months a year in Mexico or any other country in Central or South America please follow this link and complete the Survey entitled Expatriate Ferry Survey. If the link doesn't work please copy and paste it into your browser.

If you travel back and forth or live less than 6 months of each year in Mexico or any other country in Central or South America please follow this link and complete the Survey entitled Snow Bird Ferry Survey. If the link doesn't work please copy and paste it into your browser.

Both surveys will be open until September 16th, 2011, so please respond as quickly as possible. Please feel free to forward this email to anyone else you think should complete the surveys. Thank you in advance for your participation. We look forward to your responses."

For those who want to be kept informed, send her an email, and she will add you to her mailing list:

[email protected]


vacation rental for January and february

What is a reasonable rental to expect?



Please cancel my subscription. Thank you


re. unsubscribe

Hola, if you no longer wish to receive notifications when someone posts a comment on this article, you have to log in to our site, come to this article, write a new comment, and then before you hit "Submit" be sure to select "No Notifications".


car rentals at the port of progreso mexico

How much is a car rental?


Vacation Rentals for January and February

A reasonable rental depends on location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the condition of the property, and the number of amenities (pool, internet, etc.). We have close to 50 properties on our site so you can see the price range there.


Yucatan Ferry

I'm a Canadian snowbird if you will. We have a business in Canada and can only spend a few weeks in Mexico each year.

I'd like to org a motorcycle tour to Mexico using the anticipated ferry. If Cuba could be included, so much the better.

If I may impose upon you for more info, I'd like to do so.

Dave Winney
Northbrook, Ontario


Small rental in Progreso

I am looking for a small safe rental in Progreso with one those washing machines that you do your laundry outside. I love those machines.


Driving to Yucatan

We have rented a home in Chicxulub for Jan. and Feb. We are driving from Brownsville, TX. Our route is along the gulf. Does anyone have any hints on how to get to our rental safely without too much drama? We have a pet Chihauha and need to find pet friendly hotels along the way. Our tentative stops are Tampico, Veracruz or VillaHermosa, Campeche and then Chicxulub.


re. driving to yucatan

Hola, check out this article, and be sure to read the comments...there were several people discussing this issue.


Small living quarters

I would like to rent a small place with a washing machine. Also, I would be willing to pay rent to a family or single female in exchange for sharing their home. I am honest and a Christian.


Driving to the Yucatan

Thanks for the link. It went on to other links and so on. I am gathering so much information and it puts us more at ease for our trip.



Joanna, Take a look at which is the only rental we have that comes with a washing machine. There are many other properties on that site, and we can always look into renting you a washing machine, so drop us a line and let us know what you think.

Renting car from Cancun

We are flying into Cancun in June and renting a beach house in Telchac. We are renting a car in Cancun and driving to Telchac. Can you tell me how long the drive is or if there is a ferry or another way to get there besides flying into Merida. We have to use American Airlines.


Bus trip from Cancun

Also, I read someone's post above about a first class bus that goes from Cancun to Merida. Do you have a link for that?


Re. renting car and bus trip from cancun

The car rental will probably be your best option. It is a 4-hour drive from Cancun to Merida, then 1.5 hours from Merida to Telchac (via Progreso). I am going to email you our excellent Yucatan driving map. Hint: when you approach Merida, you will need to turn right on the Periferico (ring road) and stay on it until you see the northbound turnoff for Progreso. I will also send you our city map so you can visualize this. There is no ferry and AA does not fly into Merida.

Yes there is a first class bus from Cancun to Merida, but then you have to get to Telchac. In my opinion you will enjoy Telchac more if you have a car, as it will give you easier access to shopping and sightseeing. The bus website is


Small rental

Thanks Lynn for the info.


real estate in Progreso

You could try a company called CMH International. It's run by a Canadian couple, names are CJ and Mitch (I think) They handle rentals and real estate.


re. real estate in progreso

Here is CMH International's website:


best beaches will have 3 year old child-Thanks

what are the best beaches for children


Small Rental

Thanks for the info.


re. beaches for children

If you want uncrowded beaches with calm swimming, the whole coastline of the state of Yucatan will be fine. Progreso is the biggest town with a good selection of restaurants and other facilities.



Thanks and I look forward to these being in the cold...will be there soon though...


re. human

FYI it can be chilly here in the winter months, when we get "nortes" which are north winds. So be sure to bring sweaters and jeans.


Transportation, Cancun/Progreso

We are 4 adults arriving at the Cancun airport on january 31, around 10:00 am. We are looking for minivan transport from the airport to the town of Progreso. We know we can take the Ado bus to Merida and then taxi to Progreso, but we would rather do the trip in a minivan. Of course it all depends on the cost, we know how much it would cost for the bus and taxi and we would be willing to match that and maybe a bit more. Anyone interested please let me know.


re. cancun progreso

I have just sent you an email!



I would like to be on your e mail list if there is one. I will be living 6 to 8 months per year in Tulum. And I hope you get this Ferry Service as I would use it at least twice per yer maybe more.
Thank you, Marshall Smith (c)757-685-1404



My husband and I went to Progreso in 2008 I believe it was and so enjoyed it although it was winter and the north winds were strong bringing in a lot of sea grass in the beach area. We took a collectivo and wondered through Chelem. I dream of owning a house in Chelem.....are you living there full time? What made you decide on Chelem? I cannot wait to go back and see the changes. I hear that there is now a bridge between Progreso and Chelem. I also noted a bunch of small homes being built a few years back.


6 months from nov 1st to April 30th

We are in Progreso for 6 weeks. We love the area. We intend to be there for 6 months next year and we would rent a nice clean place in Progreso not too far from the Malecon I someone has something to offer !! [email protected]


condo at the Marina

We are in Yucalpetan for 6 weeks renting a house. We plan to be around next year for 6 months and are looking for something pleasant, clean and offordable.

If you have something interesting to offer .. we are serious people. A couple in its late fifties. We are calm and clean people

Fernand Moreau


rentals along the Gulf coast

We have over 50 properties that are for rent...some oceanfront and some second a variety of prices. Take a look and let us know what you think.


re. responses / Joan Gibson

It looks like Comment #123 above was responding to you. And for more info about rental properties, click here:



It's been four or five years since going to Progreso and Chelem and I am very curious about the changes that have taken place. Can anyone tell me of the changes in the last four years or so. Are there more restaurants? Are there more small hotels? When I was there the only time it was bustling was when a cruise ship was in. How often to cruise ships come in now?


reply to anonymous

It is getting busier, but still more action on cruise ship days. Number of ships is weather dependant. Generally it seems there are one or two a week. The restaurants have changed, some new, some old ones under new names and updated. Prices for meals and drinks has gone up,(doubled in the last 8 years)



Rollin pretty well sums it up, I think. There are a few new hotels in Progreso...nothing big, but some different options. Or, if you want to consider renting a home for your stay, take a look at our website (over 50 properties). Yucatan Vacation Home Rentals



Thanks for the comments.....I will check out the website for sure.


Cost of Transportation

Can anybody tell me if the Ado bus from Cancun to Merida stops at the Hyatt and if yes, what is the cost of taxi from the Hyatt to Progreso


re. cost of transportation

There is an ADO van from Cancun airport to the Fiesta Americana Hotel which is across the street from the Hyatt. It (the van) only operates 3 times a day...1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm (subject to change). From the hotel to Progreso a taxi would cost around 300 pesos. The other option is a bus from downtown Cancun bus depot to downtown Merida, and from there it's about 6 blocks (walk or cab) to the Progreso bus depot (cost 14 pesos to Progreso).


Thank you for the info. We

Thank you for the info. We are looking forward to our stay in Progreso.


Cancun to Merida/Progreso/Chicxchulub

We are 2 people arriving at Cancun airport at different times. I will wait for my friend and her plane arrives at 3:55pm on the 26th January. Will we be able to still catch transportation from the airport to Merida that day or will we need to stay overnight in Cancun?
Last time to Cancun was 1991 and never to the Yucatan/Progreso/Chicxchulub are and so excited.
Look forward to yhour response.


re. Cancun to Merida/Progreso/Chicxchulub

Welcome back!!!

The last departure of the direct van from Cancun airport to Merida is at 5 pm. If you miss it, you can take the shuttle to downtown Cancun bus depot and catch any bus, they leave hourly all day and night.

Happy travels!!!


Cost of Van Shuttle from Cancun Airport or ADO bus

How much would the shuttle van to Fiesta Americana in Merida be for 2 people and what is the cost of the ADO bus from Cancun terminal downtown. We want to be prepared for how many pesos we need. Thanks


Beach House rental

My husband and I are looking for a beach house on the coast in February - anytime after the first week of February to third week. We're looking at a week to 10 days, possibly more, and would like a pool.
Lorraine Betts
BC Canada


Beach House rental

Hola Lorraine,
I recommend to contact directly the following who handled beach rentals:
- Progreso Vacation Rentals
[email protected]
- CMH International
[email protected]
- Kab Yucatan
[email protected]


beach house rental

If you´re looking for a beach house in the area from Progreso east to San Bruno, we have over 50 properties that are offered for rent. You can take a look at, or send us an email at [email protected] and we´ll be happy to work with you.



Please keep me informed- I would use this several times/year. Thanks


how do I see posts that come

how do I see posts that come in my emails from someone


re. Cost of Van Shuttle from Cancun Airport or ADO bus

The van from Cancun airport to Fiesta Americana costs 480 pesos per person. The bus from Cancun Centro to Merida Centro ranges from 278 pesos to 466 pesos per person, depending on class of service. You can buy pesos at the currency exchange booth at Cancun airport when you land. It won't be the best exchange rate (you will do better at banks) but it will probably be a better rate than if you buy pesos before you leave home. The easiest way to get pesos during your trip is to go to any ATM machine with your ATM card from your home town bank.

Bus schedules:


re. how do i see posts

When you receive an email letting you know that someone has commented on your post, it should include a link directly to the new post with the wording "You can view the comment at the following url..."


florida mexico ferry

please add me to your list for future updates re proposed ferry


private schools in Chelem

My grandson and myself are relocating to the yucatan. Hopefully, Chelem. Because he doesn't speak Spanish, and because I have learned that public schools are Spanish only, I want him to go to a private school until he learns Spanish. I've searched the web and so far haven't found one in the Chelem area. Can you help me?


re. private schools in chelem

I don't think there are any. If you are lucky, there may be one in Progreso, but I'm not sure. Most people even in Progreso who want a good private school send their kids to Merida.

Centro Educativo Renacimiento (in the north part of Merida, so your commute from Chelem would be about an hour) has an excellent bilingual program from kinder through junior high. You can email them in English at [email protected] and their website is


Montesorri school

Forgive me if I misspell that, but there is a Montesorri school in Progreso, so you might want to check that out. If I´m not mistaken, it´s on Calle 27 and right around Calle 58, but I´m not sure of the cross street. If you decide you want to rent in Progreso or to the east, check out our website. We also have the rules posted now for a $200 (USD) prize drawing, so take a look.


re. montessori school

Check out this blog, it looks like these people are sending their kids to this Montessori school. I have asked them for the school's contact info but in the meantime you will find their blog excellent reading!


Book Exchange

Is there a used book exchange in Progreso or in the local towns?


re. book exchange

It seems to me there is such a thing in Progreso but I don't have any current info. But there is a book exchange in Telchac Puerto at Libros y Sueños on the main street of town.


book exchange

I´m not sure about Progreso, but there is a book exchange in Chicxulub Puerto at the community center.


Taxis in Progresso

Hi, I am planning to stay in Progresso for a few days and wondered if there was a taxi to take a visitor to Dzibilchaltun early in the morning for the Solstice on March 20, 2012?



What has the weather been like in Chix? We come back middle of March - should we be expecting cooler winds? Is swimming in the ocean warm this time of year?


re. taxis in progreso

You should go to one of the taxi stands and arrange it a day or 2 in advance. Or you can arrange it with: Yucatan Connection or Lawsons Original Yucatan Excursions.


re. weather

Not too chilly, but windy, which muddies up the water...check the latest info, including wind speed, here:


Taxi Reply

Juanita, Thanks for the great reply. I will check out your suggestions.


looking for information

looking for information concerning ferry service between Florida and Mexico


re. looking for information

At this time there isn't any. I will add you to the mailing list for updates, as there is supposedly a new service in the works!


re. book exchange

Progreso Book Exchange is now in a new location on Calle 31 at the corner of Calle 76 in Progreso. The building is white and yellow.


United Carib Lines

I am a travel pro seeking to get in on ground-floor of this unique opportunity.
Please update me on progress to date & further.


Florida-Yucatan ferry update

May 10, 2012, email from Tamara Magnusson, the person helping to coordinate updates about this service:

The past year has not brought a lot of forward momentum with the ferry project in spite of the interest of three different ferry companies and many false start dates. The scandals which precipitated personnel changes at the Progreso Port Authority certainly didn't help the situation either, however, things have been happening behind the scenes and from what I understand a number of feasibility studies have been done in the Tampa area showing the ferry project is viable but the inability to do a feasibility study within the expatriate community continues to be a stumbling block especially with investors.

Having learned from the mistakes of the previous ferry services in the area and responses from the previous expat surveys the original plans have been modified. Super high speed ferries are now being considered to shorten the crossing time, frequent user plans, and even free vehicle bonuses are being considered. A year round weekly crossing schedule with frequency based on use patterns and peak seasons will be offered. As this service will take some years to become profitable investor backing will be the key to success.

I know many of you have already completed one or both of the previous surveys but United Caribbean Lines is asking for our input once again. The results will directly influence investors and the more responses the better so please forward this email and ask everyone you know who may travel this direction to answer the questions and forward their responses to United Caribbean Lines. If you have access to expatriate websites, blogs or travel groups please have all your members respond.

If you are comfortable letting UCL know how to reach you they would like to extend some special courtesies, goodies, discounts and upgrades for helping them, when the ferry service begins. Just put your email address and mailing address in Mexico or Central America on your answers to the questionnaire so UCL can reach you with the offers when they get started.

Please copy the following questions with your answers in an email and send your responses as soon as possible to Bruce Nierenburg at United Caribbean Lines. [email protected]

Questionnaire for Ex-Pats living in Mexico and Central America for new Ferry Service of United Caribbean Lines

1. Where in Mexico or Central America is your current home?
2. How many family members reside in your Mexico/Central American home?
3. Do you maintain a second home in the U.S. or Canada? 4. When you travel to go to the U.S or Canada to visit friends family etc. What is your destination?
5. How many times a year do you make this trip?
6. If you have more than one place you travel to in the U.S or Canada please list those additional destinations.
7. How often to you travel to these secondary destinations each calendar year?
8. When you go do you drive or fly? If both what is the approx. % for each?
9. Do you have pets? Do you take them when you return to the U.S or Canada?
10. When you return to the U.S. or Canada do you shop for supplies etc. for your home in Mexico/Central America?
11. When you travel from your home in Mexico/Central America to the U.S. or Canada are there times of the year you do most of the travel? If so, when?
12. Do friends and family come to Mexico/Central America each year to visit you? If so how often?
13. Do you own an RV in Mexico/Central America?
a. Would you take it on the ferry?
14. What would be the most important reasons you would take the ferry to Florida?
a. Please number the following reasons in order of importance for using the ferry:
b. Number 1 is the most important. Number 10 the least. i. Go back to other homes in U.S. and or Canada ____
ii. Visit family and friends ____
iii. Shopping ____
iv. Vacationing in Florida ___
v. I can take my car or RV ___
vi. Go to Florida to use airports for further travel ___
vii. Go to Florida to get on a cruise ____
viii. Just to get away for a short trip ____
ix. Travel for medical purposes ___
x. Other ( please name ) ______

Additional comments or things you would like us to know to help serve you better with our new ferry service:

Your name and address in Mexico/Central America:

Your email address:

Thanks from all of us at United Caribbean Lines!

If you want to be on Tamara's email list for updates, please write to: [email protected]


Selling Furniture

My wife and I are Americans and will be selling furniture and moving from Merida. We also have books, clothes, and two large Elizabethan wall mirrors for sale as well. The furniture are a large wooden wardrobe, chest of drawers, bed, and wooden fireplace. Excellent price for items very difficult, if nor impossible, to find in Mexico. Please contact me if you would like to see pictures at [email protected]


Update on Ferry's From Progreso to the U.S.

Please keep me informed on ferries from Mexico to the U.S.


long term 1 yr house rental

hi will be coming with a friend near nov. 2012. looking for a house off the beach in town, 2 or 3 bed, 2 bath, good security. looking in the 400.00 to 500.00 hundred bucks a month.furnished with a/c in bedrooms. any help? tks ps I speak spanish


re. long term rental

You can also contact the realtors listed here, they have some rentals on their sites:


Beach House Rental

Rent for a week, a month, a season, or forever: Note: If considering other properties, be sure to ask: Are there screens on the windows? Are there full-time caretakers available? Are there protectores on the sliding doors, so they can be left open at night? Is there pressurized hot water throughout, including the kitchen?


Street location in Progreso

I am unable to find on Googlemaps the address "Calle 27 Portales". In the 1940s a relative of mine ran a restaurant, "Madrid", at this location (the address was given on my relative's obituary in the Progreso newspaper in 1992). Can anyone tell me where 27 Portales used to be, or where it is now, if it has been renamed? Thanks for any help you can give.



Thank you for the info. I will let my friends know, we are actually planning our vacation this december before we head on and spend the holidays with our family. Do you accept 3 couples there?


Looking for Paul Padilla


My name is david Christensen

I am looking for Paul Padilla who is a Master divemaster originally from Cozumel
Please have him contact David and Claire Christensen if you know of him

Muchos Gracias


Tattoo's in Progreso or Merida

Can anyone tell me if there is a decent place to get a tattoo in Progreso, Marida or Chelem...


Re. tattoos

There are several places in Merida in Centro. I recall seeing one on Calle 61, I think between 60 and 62. You'd have to walk in and decide for yourself if it has the standards you would expect.



Here is the latest update from Bruce Nierenberg from United Caribbean Lines with regard to the ferry service.

I appreciate that everyone who goes back and forth to the U.S. and Canada from the Yucatan will be very happy when we get the ferry started.

So will I!!

Its taken much longer than I had hoped it would as a result of many thing International that are out of my control.

But I feel we are getting to the finish line and will be establishing the start date soon.

I know you all plan as far in advance as possible so while I wont have the start date for awhile let me give you and your friends down there some info as to what they should be planning.

1. The ferry will not start until 2014.

2. It is being targeted for a winter start hopefully by February.

If you all are planning to travel I would not delay any other travel arrangements in any way before these dates.

I have put together a list of all the people who have contacted us answering our questionnaires etc. That email list will be the first to know our specific plans when we announce them.

Tell the others that if they have not contacted us to send me their email address and I will add them to the list for the latest information and special rates when we start.

We also will have some special rates and deals for all of you that have been so patient.

Yo and your friends who live in the Yucatan and Q.R. will be our most important customers and be assured we will treat you all as special guests everyone you sail with us. We will have special rates for all of you that go frequently that will significantly reduce the cost of travel and of course make it safer as well.

I know you will all miss going to the airport to be abused!!

Thanks again for being so helpful and patient.

Feel free to share this info with you associates in the Yucatan and Q.R.

Best regards


Bruce Nierenberg
Chairman CEO
United Caribbean Lines
1369 Lexington Ave
Davenport, Fl 33837


Tampa-Progreso Ferry

Thanks for finally giving us an update! I will be looking forward to February.



Put me on your list! I would be very interested in traveling by boat from Florida to Yucatan.


re. ferry

I have sent your email address to Tamara in Progreso who is handling the email updates on this!


Boat from Florida to Yucatan

Looking forward to taking the boat to and from Florida to Yucatan. Hope to make many trips.


Very interested in ferry service as well

Will the ferry envisioned accomodate RVs?


Weather in Early April

We are considering 2 weeks vacation in Progresso 1st to 14th of April. What kind of temps,humidity etc. can we expect?


weather in early April

This can be the hottest time of the year, temps in the city can reach 100F or 40C, but of course cooler and breezier at the beach. Note, it is not always so, but it can be. Rain is unlikely. Humidity is not that bad as this is often the drier time before the rains begin in June.


Beach for one day

We are coming on a cruise and I have never been there so not sure what is best to do. Is there a beach that is close to the ship port? And is there a excursion that is better to do for three adults?



Here is the latest update from Bruce Nierenberg from United Caribbean Lines with regard to the proposed ferry service.


We are making good progress on getting a start date for the service. I expect to have that in the next month. We are targeting to start by April 2015. More info will come to you shortly and you all as our first customers will know before anyone else all the details.

I have a logistical question for you. If we brought the ship departure point closer to where you are driving from so you did not have to drive to Florida would that be okay with you, and in fact be preferred? Example: if we left from a port on the Gulf Coast of the U.S. for the trip to the Yucatan...which could reduce your driving time up to 10 hours by not having to go to Tampa…and still provide all the services you need for you, your family and your cars, cargo, pets etc. would that be okay?

(A yes or no answer will suffice. I don't need a specific port mentioned as I'm just trying to find out if you would be okay with a port closer to where you left from, like in Gulfport Mississippi for example. Can take about 8 to 10 hours off the drive to the ship. I also have found that the gulf states' ports are very much interested in showing our passengers a lot of appreciation.)

Let me know by email.

[email protected]

Sincerely, Bruce

Bruce Nierenberg Chairman CEO
United Caribbean Lines
1369 Lexington Ave.
Davenport (Orlando) Fl.
(321) 427-0332



Here is the latest update from Bruce Nierenberg from United Caribbean Lines with regard to the proposed ferry service.

Below is Bruce’s response to the many questions we have had over the course of the years. One very large remaining question is the US port and Yucatan port. United Caribbean is still in negotiations with the ports and is therefore not able to declare the ports at this time. As soon as the ports and confirmed and update will be sent out.

“We will have a nice introductory offer for our first time users when we start.

We will also have discounts They will be based on seasonality and when they choose to travel.

We intend to make those customers who use us regularly to get the best prices, best discounts and the most benefits.

That's the way it should be.

If your associates and members have sent us a response to the survey and I have the email address for them as a result I will make sure they receive the introductory offers first as an appreciation for them helping with the surveys. we will be ready to begin bookings in October at the latest for April trips. Those offers will include upgrades, special rates on cars etc. and goodies on board.

We expect the round trip fare for the ferry including a cabin and all food and entertainment on board to start at $350 round trip. Cars will probably cost $95 one way. Again, frequent users will pay lower rates. We have even discussed with others the interest in getting super special rates by buying a ticket book for trips in advance that gets them the lowest possible rates, guaranteed space on the trips they want, and the lowest car rates too.

Questions most frequently asked:

1. Can we bring small pets? - yes

2. Can I bring extra stuff for my residence in Mexico other than luggage and what fits in my car? - yes. We will have special personal cargo bins that can hold up to 1000 lbs and hold bulky items like bedding, appliances, even a refrigerator. We will rent the bins one way for $95. Compare that to excess baggage charges for luggage!!!!!

3. Can I bring an RV - yes

4. Motorcycles - yes

5. Small boats - yes

6. When will the web site be up - it's already being prepared. We will have a preliminary site up by end August that will have schedules etc. We will send out an email to all when the site is ready.

7. When will bookings start? - target is October.

8. When will first voyage be? - Target is April.
Still having details worked out as it relates to when the ship will be turned over to us for use.

9. Will this be a year round service ? - yes.
There will be 2 round trips per week between the U.S. and the Yucatan. 52 weeks a year.

10. How will we be able to book?
- Online thru the website.
- Thru major online travel sellers like Expedia Orbitz, etc.
- Your favorite personal travel agent.

Hopes this info helps.

Best regards,


Bruce Nierenberg
Chairman CEO
United Caribbean Lines
1369 Lexington Ave.
Davenport (Orlando) Fl. 33837
(321) 427-0332



"I wish I had better news.
I have not been able to get everything finalized yet to the level that I can establish a start date. Lots of issues with Europe and the ports.

In reality I don't think we will get started as I had hoped this coming April 2015 so I would say that the practical time schedule to shoot for is the end of the summer 2015. That would allow us to hit the peak travel south for the fall when all your friends go back to Mexico after the summer.

Ill make sure you know the latest.

Thanks for all your support


Bruce Nierenberg
Chairman CEO
United Caribbean Lines
1369 Lexington Ave.
Davenport (Orlando) Fl. 33837
(321) 427-0332



"I am happy to report that things are going ahead with both the Florida ferry to Cuba and the Yucatan/US ferry service (not related to news reports of a Yucatan-New Orleans ferry).

The website is now up and operational. You may go to the site to sign up for the email list. Bruce has always said the website would not be operational until he is certain the ferries would go ahead so this is good news.

Bruce said: "I have had very productive meetings this week in putting the final plans together for the ferry. Hopefully we will have something material to announce in the next few weeks.

I have also been working on getting a license to run a ferry from Florida to Cuba.

If I get that license we will also run a survey from Cancun to Havana. Would be fun for all the gringos in the Yucatan for a great getaway to Cuba without flying." "

You may forward this email to anyone interested in either ferry route.


Ferry update Oct. 29, 2015

"Many of you are asking about the ferry service so here is the latest. Unfortunately there is no good news. The Cuba situation is on hold due to issues with the Cuban government (nothing to do with the US government) so no time line at all on that route.

The financial backers behind the Mexico ferry have changed and Bruce is working to put together a new group. So he says they won't be sailing to Mexico until mid 2016 at the earliest.

So the waiting continues."

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