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When one thinks of the Yucatán, one thinks of Mayan pyramids and colonial cities. However, there is a lot more to the Yucatán. While sailing and fishing are things the locals do regularly, sailing has not been organized to the point where it is offered easily to tourists. It is possible to hire boats for fishing.

The Yucalpetén harbor is about four miles west of Progreso and is shaped like a three leaf clover. In this harbor you will find the large local fishing fleet, fish packing companies (that export fish and octopus worldwide), the Navy base, two condo complexes, and eight recreational boat marinas. The private boats you see at these marinas include powerboats and sailboats that range in size from dinghies to 70-foot yachts. Marina Silcer has full services for members, including all marina services, sailing school, and beach club. They also have a Pro Shop which is open to the public where they sell Hobie Cat, kayaks, windsurf, accessories, etc.

If you look at a map, you will notice that Progreso is strategically located for boats coming from or going to Texas from the Caribbean, so it is common to see foreign boats in the harbor that come in to re-fuel, provision and/or re-group after the passage from or to the US. 

In the local marinas, there is a fleet of some 30 sailboats that range in size from 11 feet to 46 feet. On any given weekend, on the west side of the Progreso pier, you will see the white sails of several sailboats enjoying the breezes of the Gulf of Mexico. Progreso is known for its consistent winds in the 12-15 knot range. There is even a local yacht club that is not very active, but it does exist!

June 1st is Día de la Marina or Seaman’s Day, where festivities that include ceremonies, marathons, dances and taco parties go on for several days. Marina Laguna Mar also sponsors a yearly sailboat regatta the weekend closest to June 1st. In the summertime there are regattas just about every weekend where Hobie Cat 16’s, Sunfish and windsurfers race for the various cups that are offered.

For tide info:



yacht maintance yards

Can you let me know if there are boatyards that can haul 40" yachts near by?


coming in Jan, 2011

We,family of 5, are coming with Carnival Cruise to Progresso in January 2011. Children is 17-20 years, I need advise and activity suggestion. Is peso worth spending more than us.dollar? Local food, beverage cost roughly how much per person for a day?
Best regards,


RE. JAN. 2011

Here is an article to help you plan your day:
Re. $$ you may be able to buy pesos on the ship, but the exchange rate would be better at a bank in Progreso. Or you can simply use your US dollars in town. But the best value is always to buy local currency at a local bank.

Lunch at a beachside restaurant on the boardwalk would be around 100 pesos per person. Try Flamingo's:



Thank you very much for the information. But we have little time to spend there! Can you direct me to a website that contains information about the price of real estate and any conditions that impact on ownership for Canadians locating to Progreso.


a place to dock a boat

I need to know how much is the price to dock my boat,it is 64ft.long and 15ft.wide,it is powered by 2 90hp leamans engine.We are happy to tie along side,we require fresh water and 50amp 220volts electric.
Please reply as soon as possible.


Help with shipping

I'm looking for companies that can help me with the logistics in shipping to Texas. Anyone have any recommendations. I would be shipping furniture every few months or so.


re. shipping

I would suggest contacting

They have about 4 cargo sailings per week between Progreso, Yucatan and Panama City, Florida, and they offer trucking at each end as well, so the service is door to door.


December Carnival

Arriving on Carnival Elation on 12/21. Would like recommendations for friends and family activities for the day.


re. december carnival ship

This article is exactly what you need:



I have found where you can go out fishing for $450.00 -assuming that is per person. That is a little steep for our bugget and a family of 4. Is it possible to have a local take you out in a Panga to fish for a couple of hrs. My son (13 yrs old) has his heart set on it. Was thinking more like a 2-3 hrs trip for like $100 pre person (4) and maybe $25 for transfers. (we will arrive via cruise ship) just not looking to get caught in tourist trap. thanks P.L. Caffey


re. fishing

Check our article about what to do when in Progreso on a cruise ship day. You will see several options there:


Thank You and Other Sports?

Thank you so much to all the contributors who are responsible for the wonderful articles and videos on this site. Each has contributed to my wanting to make this area my home in what I hope is not too far in the future.

I have kind of an odd request. My younger son is an avid inline speed skater. I know that there is a special outdoor stadium somewhere in the Yucatan where the Mexican national team trains. I have seen pictures of it but it is only identified by location: Yucatan. I have been unable to find out anything further about it or any team in or around Merida. My son has qualified for US nationals with relays.

If anyone perhaps researching an article on bike teams, skateboarding and other sports (?) comes across any information about inline speed skating anywhere in the area, I would very much appreciate hearing from you.

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