Telchac Puerto


This port town is located about 20 minutes east of Progreso, making it just far enough away from the denser population areas so that it maintains a special, slow, laid-back feeling.See video at the end of this article.

Telchac Puerto has a lot of useful services including the five star Reef Yucatan, private beach homes for rent, stores that offer groceries, vegetables and fruit, a bakery and several seafood restaurants, a small market and clinic, pay phones (to be used with phone cards), a tortilla place, a harbor that has a gas pump, a hardware store, fried fish stands and more. There are no banks.

There is a town plaza shaded by beautiful trees and a park with a children's play area. There are Mayan temples of Xcambo three miles inland and a lighthouse on the small seaside promenade.

Villa Azzurra Beach House for Sale

For breakfast, lunch, and dinner there are good restaurants. For a delicious seafood lunch don't miss Bella Mar restaurant, about one mile east of the village. Their ceviches, fried fish, shrimp cocktails, and fish filet are all superb.

During July and August, the main plaza is especially folkloric as the fair is in town with booths offering foods, knick-knacks and mechanical rides.

In Telchac Puerto there are family homes for rent during the off-season months (Sept-June). The Patron Saint of Telchac is San Diego de Alcala and the festivities are in November.

How to get there
To get to Telchac Puerto if driving, go towards Progreso and go east when you reach the beach. Or go to Motul, and head north to the beach from there. Refer to our Yucatan map for more information.

If you go by bus you take the Autobuses del Noreste line (Tel. 924 6355) located on Calle 50 at 67. From Merida to Telchac they run several times a day: 7 am, 9:30 am, 10:30 am, 12:30 pm, and 6:30 pm. The cost for a one way trip is $42 pesos.

Where to stay
Las Tunas Beach Home For Rent
Visit our site to get a feel of what the Yucatan seaside life is like in Telchac, Yucatan. 3 bedroom, pool, wireles internet, caretaker.
Cel. (999) 968 3687

Email: [email protected]

The Reef Yucatan Hotel
Tel. (999) 941 9494

Video of Telchac Puerto below is from our friends at



Moving to Telchac!

I am delighted to say I am having my dream home built in Telchac, and hope to move Dec/Jan. This is thanks to Grant Beare, who is an amazing realtor - helped me with everything from visas to...well everything! Soon construction will start and I'd love to post pictures of my home in this magical place. Can I do this?



re. moving to telchac

I think your best bet would be to create your own blog with the photos. Once you do that, feel free to send us the link and we'll publish it here.


Libros y Suenos


We are coming down to the Merida area to consider the possibility of purchasing the Libros y Suenos hotel and turning it into a bed & breakfast with weekly sit-down dinners and other activities.

We are also considering a large home with 5 BR and 5 BA that's equally close to the beach in Progreso.

Any suggestions? Opinions? Advice? All input and feedback is greatly appreciated!

Muchas gracias,

~Bruce and Russ


re. libros y suenos

Hola! Sounds wonderful! I have a house in Telchac and we love going there on the weekends. We don't get to use it enough so we have it for sale, but if we didn't have to commute to Merida each day for work we would LOVE living there full time. Such a peaceful town.

Are you asking about the pros and cons of Telchac vs. Progreso? Or thinking of buying the L&S as a business and the Progreso home to live in? It wasn't clear from your message. My personal opinion is that there are lots of accommodation options in Progreso but not many in Telchac, so your idea for the B&B at L&S with weekly dinners is brilliant.

Juanita Stein
YT Editor

PS. This is my house:


Telchac vs. Progreso

Your home is absolutely stunning!

And thanks for replying so promptly to our post.

We are only able to afford one property purchase -- LOL! -- so we're trying to figure out whether it should be Mary's "Libros y Suenos" hotel in Telchac or the "Big Blue Beachhouse" in Progreso. Either way, our plan and goal is to turn the place into a bed and breakfast in which we've carved out enough space for our own personal quarters: probably 2 BRs, 2 BAs, a kitchen, and a reception or "gathering" room for any private or personal entertaining we do.

Here's a link to the Progreso property we're considering:

We know that we can purchase this place for between US $85,000 and $89,000 ... and Mary has got her hotel listed for $85,000 on at list one property agent's website.

Both places will need some structural work and cosmetic upgrades. Libros y Suenos in Telchac will also need to have a pool installed.

We're told (by real estate folks) that an investment of US $40,000 in Mary's Libros y Suenos will make that a remarkable, superior, 5-Star facility. And that price, supposedly, includes installation of a nice swimming pool.

Our dilemma is two-fold: (1) Where would we, personally, be more comfortable living ... and having access to things like an ATM machine, restaurants, nightlife, etc. (2) Where would we, professionally, get the best bang for our buck?

Surprisingly, having polled our large group of friends on Facebook, by a margin of 2-to-1, they say that -- all things being equal: price, comfort, aircon, beach access, etc. -- they'd prefer to stay in a b&b in Telchac rather than Progreso ... especially because it's got relatively easy access to the larger "city." They feel Telchac is more of the real Mexico. On the other hand, those who favor Progreso over Tellchac say that they don't want to stay in a town whose streets close up after 6 pm ... they prefer the restaurants, shopping, places to go, people to meet, things to do that are found in Progreso.

Frankly, we're in a quandry. If we do purchase Mary's place in Telchac, We'll want to maintain the Internet Cafe ... introduce a "semi-formal," sit-down dinner once or twice a week ... perhaps offer English lessons to the locals and Spanish lessons to the visitors ... give cooking and craft demonstrations, etc. There's enough room in the Telchac property to do all that.

Would those kinds of activities be welcomed -- and needed -- in Progreso? According to the real estate agent we're dealing with: yes! Evidently, there's no longer a b&b in Progreso and she says one is desperately needed. But the occupancy rates at the beautiful Hotel Yakunah right down the street from "Big Blue Beachfront" are dismally low. In fact, the hotel is for sale. One b&b formerly located there is now closed. And the folks who own & operate the b&b in Chelem say that the business potential of a b&b in Progreso is bleak ... only to think about opening there if we're not desperate for the lodging income.

So, what do you say, Juanita? Given your background, experience, and expertise, which property would get your vote for a bed & breakfast catering to locals as well as Canadians and Americans: Mary's Libros y Suenos in Telchac ... or the Big Blue Beachhouse in Progreso?

We really value and appreciate your input and feedback ... and, hopefully, we can meet when -- if your schedule allows -- we fly into Merida November 1-7.

Best wishes,

~Bruce and Russ


re. telchac vs. progreso

Hola, let me think about this and I will reply directly to your email address!


Telchas vs. Progreso




Thanks Bruce ground has been broken and as soon as I get some pictures and my web site up I will contact you, Only two and a half more months till I move! :)


Re: Libros y sue so

Greetings from Sioux Narrows! We too are looking at Libros y Suenos.
Hoping you went for the blue house in Progresso. How did you find the hotel? We were told that there was no room to add a pool. Please let us know what you found at the hotel, and if you are going to purchase it, we will not bother visiting next month.


CasaKimberly in Telchac

You are doing close to what I am doing now. I am having new construction as I noticed the electric, plumbing, etc was dicey in some of the existing places. FWIW I'm have a three bedroom three bath, two story place with a pool built. The third story is a separate owners place where I will live. I hope to rent the hosue all year round, not as a B&B. What I learned is there are an awful lot of B&Bs in Telchec, Progresso and Merida and a lot of them go under. If you don't have a separate income be very careful. Thankfully I do. This is what I did when I was looking at buying in either Telche or Progresso. I looked at occupancy rates, rental costs at differnet times per year. Local businesses that failed and why. Where the sucessful restaurants, etc were located and why. Anyway, I am moving to my new place in Telchac early January.
Still working on the website for Casa Kimberly. If any of you all are in Telchac, please email me, it would be nice to know some folks before I get there. I am confident in my business plan but nervous as this is the farthest move I've done as a civilian. Also, I am shipping stuff from the DC/Baltimore area, if anyone wants to share a shipment and the cost let me know, [email protected].


New Web Site

Hi Everyone, I am working on my website for my new home, Casa De Kimberly. I would like to use some of the pictures above, as I am still stuck here in the cold northern US and don't have live pictures yet. How do I request permission?

I'm so excited to be coming there, looks like I leave for Merida, along with my dog Crumpet and cat Oscar, 8 January. Just in time to miss the worst of the cold weather. :D


Bruce and Russ

Bruce and Russ, did you pick a place when you went to visit in November? If so which one? :)


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