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Here in the Yucatán, we are often reminded that the journey can be the destination. Whether you are riding in a horse-driven carriage down Paseo Montejo in Mérida, or driving down a country road past jungle and cornfields, getting there is half the fun!

 Mérida and Campeche are walking cities... old colonial cities that have been renovated to provide you with hours of walking adventure. When you get tired, you can choose from taxis, horse-drawn carriages, extensive bus systems or rental cars. All are readily available and easy to use.

Driving in the Yucatán is easier than you might think. Main roads, such as the road between Mérida and Progreso, or Mérida and Cancún, are in excellent condition. Country roads are also pleasant, though often narrow and not recommended for nighttime travel. Mexican drivers don't always turn on their headlights at night, and many of the village residents walk the roads after their workday. So if you aren't used to driving in Mexico, don't take any chances after the sun goes down.

The bus system in the Yucatán is extensive and can take you almost anywhere. The buses between the bigger cities are luxurious, air-conditioned and inexpensive, and are often the best way to travel long distances, as you can take your eyes off the road and enjoy the sights around you.

In the cities, be sure to keep your eyes out for the tourism police. They are a professional group specially trained by the Yucatecan Police Department to assist visitors, and can be identified by their blue and white uniforms in the major cities.

The regular city, state and federal police are there to protect you, and unless you do something dangerous or get into an accident, you probably won't have any dealings with them. If you are in an emergency, don't hesitate to call on them.

For auto emergencies, Mexico has the Green Angels (Angeles Verdes) who will fix tires and other minor auto problems and get you on your way again. Find their number on our Emergency Phone Numbers page.

Another way to get around is to hire a car and driver:

Cel. (999) 947 7599
Email: [email protected]

Tel: (999) 922 0565
Cel: (999) 163 8224
Email: [email protected]

It is easy, safe and fun to travel here. Contact one of the many competent travel agencies here to help you make the most of your stay! For a list of car rental agencies, click here.



from Merida airport to Chuburna

We have rented a house on the beach at Chuburna. What is the best way to get from Merida Airport to Chuburna? We would rather not rent a car for the duration of our months stay. We arrive in the evening.

Also, any comments about Chuburna area would be helpful. This is our first adventure in this area.


to chuburna

You have 3 options if you don't want to rent a car. 1. Take a taxi from the airport to Chuburna, I would guess it would cost about 700 pesos. 2. Reserve transport with William Lawson Driving Service, his email is [email protected] or 3. Take a cab from the airport to the Merida bus terminal for Progreso (Calle 62, between 65 and 67) and when you get to Progreso take another bus to Chuburna. This may or may not be convenient late at night depending on schedules, and you may not want to be overwhelmed with logistics the minute you get off the plane! Here is our article about bus transportation: and here is our article on the beaches:



Hello, I'm wanting to see if this is possible. I want to take some transportation from Progreso to the ruins, then after the ruins take transportation to Merida. Then after an afternoon at Merida take transportation back to Progreso. One of my questions is this: can I take a cab to the ruins from Progreso, will they wait on us, and then take us on to Merida? Or do you suggest some other form of transportation? Does a bus go from Progreso to the ruins? And then would we take a bus from the ruins to Merida? What about on the way back from Progreso to Merida?

Thank you very much



We often have renters of our house in Chicxulub that sleeps 10 with the same problem as you. Fortunately we have relatives that pick up at the airport and drop them off. Cost is about $50 USD one way. Also, they do trips as guides.
Also, in Progreso, there are "combis" that hold up to 10, that can be hired for a day for about $120 USD.
PS our house is "" on the Internet
My email is [email protected]


transportation to Chicktzen

How long a bus ride would it be from Playa Del Carmen to the Chitzen ruins? Are there buses available for this tour?


Re. transportation to Chichen Itza

Please read our article about bus travel here:


Tulum-Coba-chichen itza

I will be staying in Akumal and planning on renting a car and would like to go to Chichen Itza. On my map it looks like the closest way is Tulum to Coba to Chemax and then on old 180 to Chichen Itza. Is this safe? I have viewed maps from the internet do not even show a road between Coba and Chemax. Three years ago I rented a car and drove from Akumal to Coba. It was not a very wide road but it got us there. It looks like less than a 2 1/2 hour drive from Akumal. Any thoughts?


re. tulum

The road from Tulum to Coba to Valladolid has been upgraded and is excellent and safe, and yes that is about how long it would take. Happy travels!


City busses

Is there a web site that showes the bus schedules and routes in and around Merida?


re. city buses

Unfortunately, the busses in Merida are all run by different companies, it is difficult to find schedules. Maybe this article will help you out:
Also check the city website:


transportation cancun to merida

My husband and I will be traveling from cancun to merida the end of this month, returning early feb. we are looking for safe, comfortable, air conditioned and direct service. What would you recomend?


re. cancun to merida

Visit and enter Cancun QRoo as the origen and Merida CAME as destino. Enter your date of travel and you will see three different prices ranging from first class to deluxe to super luxurious. Prices are in pesos. Any of these will fit your criteria.


Where is the bus depot in Merida and what are the bus schedules

Looking for bus schedules from Merida to Progresso, how to get to it from Calle 61 (30&34), cost and any other information.


re. bus depot to progreso

To Progreso: Take the bus at the Progreso Terminal, on Calle 62, between 65 and 67. This bus travels north on Calle 64, and stops for passengers further up on this street. Transportation is provided by Autoprogreso and operates several times an hour between 5 am and 10 pm, at a cost of 14 pesos one way, 25 pesos roundtrip, from their terminal on Calle 62. (Tel. 999 928 3965 and 999 924 8991). It arrives and departs out of the Progreso terminal (Calle 29 x 80 y 82, Tel. 969 935 3024).



Thanks for the Progresso sujestion-we just came back and it was lovely.
The next on our agenda is Campeche and would like to know where is the bus terminal for that, how long, how much etc.
Much appreciate your help....


re. campeche

The schedules from the Merida CAME terminal (on Calle 70 between 69 and 71) are here:

Happy travels!


I'm trying to set up an account with but it does not allow canadian postal codes. I have also read that you must pick up your tickets two hours prior to departure. Have you heard this?




Good do NOT have to set up an account (register) with in order to buy a ticket! Please go to our article and scroll down to the end of the article (just before the comment section) and look for the attachment called which you can download to your computer. It explains everything!


Progresso to Tulum or Chichen Itza on Moped/Scooter?

My fiance and I are taking a cruise and stop in Progreso. We want to go to either Tulum or Chichen Itza (still deciding on which is best) but are not sure what's the best way to get there. Are there scooter/moped rentals and is it advisable to ride one to and from Progreso?


re. progreso to tulum or chichen on scooter

From the cruise port of Progreso, within your allotted port time (of maybe 8 hours?) it is impossible to go to either Chichen Itza or Tulum by any means of transportation. From Progreso to Tulum is a minimum 5 hour drive, to Chichen 3 hours. Double that and you can see why these are not options...and I am talking about driving in a car, not traveling on a scooter or moped! I am emailing you our excellent Yucatan peninsula map so you can get an idea of distances.

Re. scooters: you can rent scooters in Progreso, but they are designed just to buzz around town, it is not advisable to get on an unfamiliar highway with unfamiliar driving patterns on this mode of transport. Their info is:
Car, Scooter and Bicycle Rental
Global Car Rental
Tel. (969) 935 7440
Email: [email protected]

Re. Mayan archaeological sites: If you take a tour (there will be tour operators to greet you when you get off the ship) or hire transport, you could see Uxmal which is about 2 hours from Progreso. Closer to Progreso is Dzibilchaltun, which also has a cenote, a unique swimming opportunity only existing in the Yucatan Peninsula.


pet travel from Cancun to Progresso area

We would like to rent a house for a month or two in the Progresso area.(Chickulub). We have two toy poodles (in airline approved travel dog bags). Can they travel on the bus from Cancun
Thank you in advance for your response


re. pet travel

The official policy is that they have to go into a crate in the luggage compartment. I would not suggest this in our hot climate! But I have heard that you can actually keep them with you onboard if they are in the type of carrier you mention...but it would be at the discretion of the driver.


Renting a house in Chicxulub Re #22 comment.

We may be able to help with the rental.
We have a large house in Chicxulub Puerto, close to the beach, with pool.
Visit our web page "



Bus from Chichen Itza to Merida

I'm planning to take a day tour from Cancun to Chichen Itza. And since Chichen Itza is halfway to Merida, I was thinking of taking a bus from Chichen Itza to Merida but I'm unable to find any bus information. Where is the bus depot in Chichen Itza and what is the schedule for bus going to Merida?


re. bus from chichen itza to merida

There are 2 buses per day, at 2.20 pm and 5 pm (check here for updated schedules, using Chichen Itza as the Origen and Merida CAME as the Destino, with your travel date, Viaje Sencillo for one way, no more than one month in advance). Cost is 112 pesos and it takes an hour and 40 minutes. The bus stops at the entry to the site.

But...this would require at least one overnight in's 2 hours from Cancun to Chichen, plus the time you need at Chichen, plus travel time to Merida...not to mention time to spend in Merida, a city of 800,000 people!



Thank you, Juanita! Yes, I plan to stay 1 night upon arrival from Chichen to Merida so that I can do the Kabah & Uxmal tour the following morning. I will then take the ADO BUS back to Cancun later the same night. It'll be a very busy schedule but I just want to experience as much of the Yucatan area. Any hotel recommendation in Merida that is near the bus terminal?



Thank you for your reply. disapointing but very helpful. Thanks


house for rent

Thanks for your post. We have not yet found a cheap way to get to your area with our pets.
If we do find a way... How much would you charge for a month?


re. bus chichen itza-merida

The hotels right around the bus depot are a bit can hop in a cab and go to Centro which is only 5 minutes away...check our hotel listing:


re. thanks (from Sylvie)

Here are a couple of people who do transportation and transfers, they could help you...not the cheapest option but totally reliable:

I am also thinking you may just go ahead and rent a car for your whole stay. Being out at the beach you will need transportation anyway, and this would solve your problem of getting around with the dogs (keeping in mind it is very hot here, so don't leave them alone in the parked car, obviously!). Here is a list of car rental companies:

Another option for beach house rentals is



Thanks for all the great stuff you post here. Can you help: I've had no luck finding out about the prospect of renting a motorcycle in Merida. Not a scooter for in-town putt-putt, I mean a bike I can ride out to the coast on. One of the 125cc bikes buzzing all around town, or bigger.


re. motorcycling

Honestly there is no one in Merida that we know of...but if you are open to renting in Cancun, check this out:


3 days out of Cancun

This is my plan for my visit to Cancun/Chichen Itza/Tulum area:

April 28th
Arrive in Cancun 9:35pm - Transfer to hotel
Accommodation in Piste

April 29th
Morning visit Chichen Itza
Transport to Tulum
Accommodation in Tulum

April 30th
Visit Tulum ruins
Transport to Cancun
Accommodation in Cancun

May 1st
Depart from Cancun 1:30pm

What is the best way to get around to those three places? Are buses an option?


re. 3 days out of cancun

Your first problem is the transport from Cancun to Piste. There is only one bus a day, at 9 am. You would have to hire a taxi, hire private transport, or rent a car if you want to get there the night of the 28th. It is a 2.5 hour trip. The first two options would be expensive, and driving late at night on an unfamiliar (although excellent) road might be quite daunting.

There are afternoon buses from Chichen Itza to Tulum. And there is frequent bus service from Tulum to Cancun.

If I were you, because of the short duration of the trip, I would rent a car and rearrange the trip as follows: spend the night of the 28th at a Cancun airport hotel. Next morning get up early and visit Tulum. Drive to Chichen in the afternoon and spend the night of the 29th in Piste. Visit Chichen the following morning. Then drive back to Cancun and spend the night of the 30th there.

Bus schedules:


Very Good Information

I would just like to thank the individuals responsible for this site. I have a Family trip scheduled for Merida, Progreso, and Chichen Itza and this site has provided some very good information.

Keep up the good work.



Uxmal to Merida

Does anyone have advice for taxi or bus to Merida from Uxmal on a Saturday during the late morning? Neither Ticketbus nor ADO bus sites seem to indicate Uxmal as an option, and I can't find any reliable taxi that will not cost around $150USD. Thanks in advance to anyone who has thoughts.


Playa del Carmen to Chichen-Itza to Merida

We would like to go from Playa del Carmen to Merida with a stop off to see Chichen-Itza for a few hours. After staying in Merida we will go back to Playa del Carmen. Ideally we want to go by bus from place to place (not driving). What is the best to do this? Thanks!


re. playa-chichen-merida

You can find the bus schedules here:

I plugged in a date of Feb. 6 and see a bus from PDC to Chichen at 8 am, it takes 4 hrs and costs 270 pesos. Then a bus at 5.15 pm Chichen-Merida C.A.M.E., 1.5 hrs, 120 pesos. On a date of Feb. 9 there are lots of departures from Merida C.A.M.E. to Playa all day, cost ranges from 334 pesos to 417 pesos depending on degree of luxury, and it takes about 5 hrs. You can buy your tickets all at once in PDC or one at a time in each place; be sure to arrive 30 min. in advance.


Re: Playa-Chichen-Merida

Dear Juanita - thank you so much for your great response!


backpacking for 10 days

I'm taking a 10 day trip to the Yukatan and i land in Cancun, then i want to go to Plya de carmen then to akumal then to Tulum then to Chichen itza, then to merida then back to cancun.. What's the best way to get to all those places in 10 days and how many days do you think i should stay in each.. thank you


Backpacking for 10 days

Im taking a 10 day trip to the Yucatan and i land in cancun at 8:00pm on jan 11th.. i would like to visit playa de carmen then to akumal then to tulum then to chichen itza, then to merida then back to cancun.. whats the best way to get to all those places in 10 days and how many days do you think i should stay in each.. thank you..


re. backpacking

The most efficient in order not to waste time since you only have 10 days, would be to rent a car. But the public transportation is excellent too. I would suggest a couple of days in each place.

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