Vacation Rentals 
in the Yucatan

For a good forty years now the state of Yucatán, especially along the coast, has been a snowbird haven for people looking for long-term house rentals with all the amenities and comforts of home, instead of using a hotel or bed & breakfast. Actually, worldwide, the concept of renting a home at the vacation destination is catching on more and more.

Renting a home is certainly more cost efficient when you consider that you can have several people share the cost of the place, plus having your own kitchen and in many cases, a cook and maid, helps defray costs allowing you to stay longer. In some cases you can rent a home for a month for what you could rent a hotel for a week. Many homes have their own pool so you are not sharing with the masses and you can swim when and how you want.

For years, the coast of the Yucatán has been popular with the snowbirds from mid-November to just before Easter, depending when it falls. Chelem, Chicxulub, Uaymitún and Telchac Puerto are popular areas for vacation home rentals where it is quite common to see Canadian or American flags marking the homes of the foreign renters. With these flags one can locate their co-countrymen if you want to meet other people.

The Yucatecan people are known for using their beach homes during July and August and the two weeks of Easter vacation - Semana Santa. This means these homes are closed up most of the months from September to June. Nowadays, many of these homes are rented to foreigners during this time period for a fraction of what they rent for during the summer. You will find homes whose rents range from $250 US to $1,000 a week to $950 US to $2,500 a month.

When you rent a home you quickly get into "living in Mexico mode." You actually become part of the community as you become a regular at the shops and markets. And keep in mind, dealing with neighbors, shopkeepers and caretakers is the fastest way to perfect your Spanish!

Once you've determined to rent a private home or apartment, consider the following: Where do you want to be? At the beach? And if so, which beach? We have an article below that talks about the various beach areas. Or do you want to be in Mérida? And if so, where in Mérida? In the Historical Center downtown area? A colonia? Do your homework so that you get a feel for what each has to offer. Remember, you are renting a home, not a hotel room, so there won't be daily maid service with change of sheets and towels. Nor in most cases will there be hand soap, dish soap and toilet paper. These are things you will have to provide yourself. Many homes will provide cleaning once a week included in the rate.

Once you make contact with the homeowner, you will start a back and forth e-mail relationship where you will both get a feel for each other. The homeowner will send driving instructions from the airport and set up where to get the keys, etc. While they will help you with details about their home, possibly info on where to shop, etc. keep in mind, they are not car rentals, nor travel agents, nor concierges.

Vacation Rentals:

Beach House for Rent:
Las Tunas

Yucatan Vacations 
Property management, beach & car rentals 
Tel. (969) 935 7440

Cristina Gasques

Merida Rentals Property Management
Calle 58A No. 476 x 25 y 25A, Dept. 3, Col. Itzimná (Beside VW Itzimná)
[email protected]
Tel. 999 926 3926
Cel. 9992 23 25 36

Vacation Rentals and Property Management
Tel. 999 923 8159 

Vacation Rentals - Hacienda:

Hacienda Sac Chich

Hacienda Petac

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I'm not looking for a

I'm not looking for a vacation rental. I'm looking for a rental in which to live permanently. My husband will be moving there shortly with his work. He works with Wal-Mart. Can you help me any further with rentals knowing this?



These vacation rentals would also be available on a long term basis, you should contact them all and see what kind of a rate you can negotiate by being willing to offer long term occupancy. You could also contact some realtors to see if they know of anything for rent, here is a list: Also check out where lots of expats exchange info and someone may know of a house to rent. Good luck!


Permanent housing in Merida


I have a beautiful house in the best residential area in Merida (Gonzalo Guerrero) which I am renting by month or for the entire year. You can see all the details on

Leticia Amaro


Looking for short-term house rental in Celestun

Does anyone have recommendations for short-term house rentals in the area of Celestun? Thanks.


House rental

We have a 3 story beach house/villa in Chicxulub, 2 lots from the beach and 10 km east of Progreso. It has a filtered pool. On site caretakers. Each level is as complete as a condo and available all year as a full or partial vacation rental.
5 suites total.


Rental possible buy later.

two persons looking to rent in Merida and then look for a place to buy. very clean and quite. would like to live in town and hope to keep the price of rental low. needed are AT LEAST one 1 Bedroom, prefer bath and 1/2, internet for wi-fi skype, secure/safe, all the regulars. if like Merida, will stay and buy property after looking around.
Please also send to my email address.



Castillo Nicte-Ha Villa is 25 miles N of Merida at the beach. Only showers, no bath. One bedroom. $105/N.


home for rent in Santiago neighborhood, Merida


Merida Rental

I am looking for a 1 month rental in Merida for June 2011.

Is your house still available?

Thank you.


Vacation rental

Yes, June is available for the Villa CastilloNicte-Ha. 5,500sf, 3 story beach Villa in CHICXULUB, a fishing village on the Gulf of MEXICO.
It sleeps 10+.
 Please come and enjoy our second home. You too will love the YUCATAN experience.
Ocean breezes and view terraces in a quiet community of summer vacation homes, 50 yards from the pristine beach. Just a few lone beach walkers and fishermen most of the year.
Perfect for family or group vacations. Sleeps 10. Five suites. Air cond. POOL.
The Villa has a single entrance for it’s three private self contained units, one on each floor. It can be rented as a single home or individually.
Mayan archaeological sites nearby. Much to see and do. Endless days of sunshine, beaches, friendly people, fascinating culture, great food, very enticing and relaxing.
June rates for the complete 5 bedroom villa is $250/ night.
Couples/singles are welcome for $105/night
How many in your party?

Warm regards Stan


6-12 month rental property wanted

A professional couple (with Golden Retriever) is looking to rent a fully furnished, 1-2 BR house, Internet ready house in Merida or Progreso area for 6 months winter 2011/12 or possibly year 'round. We are willing to pay up to 4000 pesos/month. If you have something potentially available, please let us know by calling 9999 02 0770 so we can see it before we leave Merida March 25. Steve


3-4br house for rent

I am looking to rent a 3-4 bedroom furnished house with a pool for a year starting this summer. Looking to spend 6 to 8 hundred a month. Anyone know of any? Or a good website to check? I'm very grateful for the help


homes for rent in Vallalodid?

May have spelled the town wrong, but is there any info on renting in Vallalodid? Preferably with a small pool.


re. homes valladolid

Don't know of any, but do a google search "vacation rental valladolid mexico" and you may find sure you don't end up in Valladolid, Spain by mistake! All of these hotels are good too.


Casa Linz

Just wondering if anyone has stayed at "Casa Linz". Seems like a wonderful place, I just cant find any reviews.


A review of Castillo Nicte-Ha by Elizabeth

Well, we had the most amazing time. Your place was a joy, and I did 40 laps in the pool almost
everyday. There was just so much to do. We enjoyed Merida at night, and also Progresso. We loved
the "Yucatan beach " club and also Celestun with amazing ceviche, as a respite from climbing over
amazing pyramids in the mid day sun.
The only thing not back to normal is our stomachs, but they should recover soon as we got the
antibiotics yesterday. No we never drank any water, we are just gringos... but it was all worth it.
Also , embarrassingly, my husband lost the little paper they give you when you arrive, so they would not
let us leave Merida on Easter Sunday, as there was apparently no one available to do the paperwork.
We drove to Cancun in a rental car, and 23 hours later ( and $600 ) we were home, guess that
"learned" him. Seeing the Cancun airport reinforced just how lucky we were to be at your place.


re. A review of Castillo Nicte-Ha by Elizabeth

Editor's note to readers: Please refer to Comments No. 5, 7, 10, and 12 above.


CastilloNicte-Ha Villa

Click here for more information about CastilloNicte-Ha Villa vacation home rental. Please refer to Comments No. 5, 7, 10, 12 and 19 above.


Renovated Merida home available

We'd like to offer our newly renovated 2 BR house for reasonably priced longer term rental, as it will be a few years before we can retire there. But I'm not sure how to get started. Suggestions?


Your house rental

Hi Debbie - I'm looking for a longer term rental in Merida. I currently rent year 'round unfurnished and would like furnished. I am interested in year 'round renting or 6 months winter at about 3000-4000 pesos monthly. Let me know if that is an option for you.


re. Renovated Merida home available

You can list it on and other similar sites, and also put it in the hands of a property manager here, for example: or

You can also post the details here on this article.


i am looking for long term rental

i am a senior lady with one small cat very loving and seweet....i saw a house on line thru progreso real (casa cecilia) in chicxulub.... i fell in love with the house and the price is $950 per month but my son refuses to deal with alex (the realtor) as he read some un- flattering remarks about the company....i would truly appreciate your help finding a long term rental....thank you so much....suzy


re. i am looking for long term rental

Contact Susan Stewart at
She is reliable and honest.



Hi Steve,
Pardon my late reply! Our house is available for rental and our preference is for long-term. Are you still looking? Please let me know and I'd be happy to forward any info you need.
If you've already found a place, that's great. I do apologize for not getting back sooner.



lomg term rental

if you know of a reliable rental agent or a long term rental no more than $900 per month that allows a cat could you please e-mail me....thanks looking for a house on the beach with pool close to progreso


13 day rental

I am looking for a house or apartment with 2 or 3 bedrooms to sleep 5 adults.
This should be within walking distance from the Plaza grande and the Cathedral


13 day rental

Hola Enrique, would you like to contact the options we could give you or would you have us give your info to some experts and have them contact you with the options that suit your requests?


rental for 2, must sleep 6 for guests

We are 2 Canadian dive masters. We are spending our 6th winter in Dominican republic, scuba diving. We are looking at the Yucatan instead next winter (2012-2013). What is your long term rental for 6 months ? Are you near a dive shop, and what is it's name. Our children and their partners come visit us in the winter also to dive.
Are you near stores and restaurants ?
Thanks. (Mary) Lee Birkett


rental for 2, must sleep 6 for guests

Dear Dive Masters, its great that you are thinking about changing location and choosing Mexico. Our specialty is Yucatan, and its not a big diving spot. You want to go to our neighbor state Quintana Roo, also known as the Riviera Maya. Your best chance will be Cozumel of course, you probably have been. Another nice stay would be Akumal. There are stores and restaurants near any spot in Riviera Maya. Sorry to let you down about diving in Yucatan... I'm a diver as well and I have to go to Riviera Maya to dive... Another consideration Yucatan would be diving in cenotes, check this site, the dive master is a good friend of ours:



My husband and I are looking for a 2 bedroom for the months of dec/2012 to the end of april/2013 do you have some thing available and what would you charge monthly. thank you



Hola Sharon, would you like to contact the options we could give you or would you have us give your info to some experts and have them contact you with the options that suit your requests?


Long Term rental

My husband and I and our dog are looking for a three or more bedroom home for a long term rental (minimum 12 month). We would prefer Garcia Gineres, Itzimna or Mexico. Absolute preference given to an older more colonial style home.
Anybody got any ideas?



We are looking for a long term house rental on the beach Jan 17 to March 30. 2 - 4 adults, somewhere between Progreso and Chixulub, around $1500 - 1600 a month.
Thanks, Ron Herder


Campeche City Home

I am looking for a home to rent in Campeche for
A stay from November 12th.
I definetly require air-conditioning and preferably
a Property which has some renovation (bathrooms and kitchen).
1 or 2 bedrooms would be sufficient.
I am a landlord myself so the property would be
very well looked after.

Location preferably in the city of Campeche.

Please email me anything that might be interesting.




House Rental

Hi Ron! I came across your comment on the discussion board here and I believe that I can help you out with what you are looking for. I work with Total Yucatan Homes. We are a new company and list homes for rent, long or short term, in the Yucatan. All of the houses that I have listed currently meet the needs that you are asking for. The dates you are looking for are open, location is exactly what you are looking for, and the prices meet your asking price. I hope that you check out our website for a better idea of what we have to offer. If you would like to contact me directly please email me personally. My name is Ashley and I would be more than happy to assist you with finding a home to fit your needs as well as help you with things to do while you spend your time in Yucatan. I hope to hear fromy you soon!


Hola Yucatan Lovers!

Hola to all of you fellow Yucatan lovers! If you are looking to rent a vacation home for a long or short amount of time, please check us out online at We have great things to offer at unbeatable prices! We hope to see you soon! If you would like to contact us directly please email us at [email protected] Gracias!


Looking For A Rental

I am looking for a 1 bedroom house or apartment to rent for 2 months. While I would like te rental period to be Jan. and Feb. 2013, my schedule is completely flexible. I would also consider sharing a home with other responsible individuals. I have a small dog that travels with me and she is a delight...everyone that meets her wants to take her home. While I would like to be close to the beach I am willing to consider other locations. If you know anyone interested in renting their place, or someone looking to share a rental please e-mail me at [email protected]. Many Thanks!!


long term rental

i am interested in 1 bed house or apt. in yacatan-spring 2013-clean--furnished--thanks jim


Long term rental

I would like to rent a house from May 1,2013 to Nov 1,2013, I do have a car so parking would be nice, I also would like air and a pool, not asking for much,lol I would like Merida or beach. My budget is around $5,ooo mx a month.I am retired , I live in Puerto Vallarta full time and have my condo on the market that I own.
Thank you


Vacation rentals


Hello Ashley I did search

Hello Ashley
I did search your web site, I am looking from May 1 to Nov1 I really do not think that is snow bird time. LOL
I would like something in the $5,000 mx range, I have rented places in Chelem and progreso. so I am familiar with the area.
I was hoping for Merida Centro or the greater Merdia. I looked at your proprieties and they seem either too large or beyond my budget.It is just myself and maybe an occasional guest.
I thank you for your quick response. but I will keep lookingfor now.



Lovely two-story home 150 feet from the beach and 5 blocks from the Malecon on Calle 50. Three-bedroom two bath, fully furnished and equipped. Internet, wi-fi, and cable, bi-weekly maid service and English-speaking, Merida-based manager. Relaxing backyard area with pool, palm trees, and palapa for shade. Available for monthly rental mid-January through mid-May. $1,200 US per month - discount available for long-term rental of more than three months. See pictures of house at

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