Located halfway (two hours from each) between Mérida and Cancún, Valladolid, newly-named Located halfway (two hours from each) between Mérida and Cancún, Valladolid, newly-named Located halfway (two hours from each) between Mérida and Cancún, Valladolid, newly-named "Pueblo Mágico" in August 2012, is a bustling Mayan city with a special colonial flavor. This is where you will see the majority of the townspeople still using the typical dress of the Mayas, and the buildings around the Main Plaza painted pastel colors. You will surely get a sense of the laid-back pace of life.

The Church of San Servacio is in the Centro of Valladolid, on the south side of the main plaza, on Calle 41 between 40 and 42. This church took the place of the one which was erected on March 24, 1545, by Padre Francisco Hernández whose façade faced the west, which was the custom for Yucatecan temples in the Colonial era. In 1705 the original church was completely demolished by order of the Bishop Don Pedro de los Reyes Ríos due to its profanity in the so-called “Assassination of the Mayors”. In 1706 the construction of the current church began, and in order to have its main access facing the main plaza, it was given a new orientation which is why the church now faces the north and not the west. Above the main façade is a clock dating from the XIX century, the only public clock in the city.

Valladolid is known as “The Sultan of the East,” a title given for the architectural beauty of its colonial buildings such as the Convent of San Bernardino de Siena, the Municipal Palace, the Iglesia de San Servacio, and the Museum of San Roque, among others; as well as for its architectural inheritance of the XIX and early XX centuries; the Ex Telar de la Aurora, the Parque Central Francisco Cantón de Rosado, and the train station.

Valladolid was founded by Don Francisco de Montejo “El Mozo” in 1543 and acquired the category of city in 1823. Valladolid is the setting of two of Mexico’s most significant events: the Caste War in 1847 and the first spark of the Mexican Revolution in 1910.

From the beginning, Valladolid has had the structure of the Spanish establishments in Yucatán, with a checkerboard design, wide streets, and its great main plaza, today known as Parque Francisco Cantón. It is divided into the city center and its neighborhoods; the whole together is known as the  Centro Histórico. In the spring of 2012 Valladolid received the federal decree Zona de Monumentos. It includes the following places: Municipal Palace, Casa de la Cultura, Casa de Los Portales, the Iglesia de San Servacio, the Parque Principal Francisco Cantón Rosado, the Bazar Municipal, the Centro Artesanal, the San Roque Museum, and the Parque de los Heroes.

There is a colonial building across from the main plaza, next to the Hotel Meson del Marques, with many Mayan women selling crafts that include hand-embroidered dresses and blouses, Barbie dresses, handkerchiefs, hammocks and more. The statue of a Mayan woman in the middle of the park is a typical place to have your picture taken. Don't miss Coqui Coqui Perfumes, with the scents of the Yucatán, which is also a handcrafts store, café, hotel, and spa: Calle 41A No. 207, Calzada de los Frailes. Also visit Dutzi Handbags, a co-op which supports local Maya men and women.

Dutzi Design
Calle 41-A #209 x 48 & 50
Barrio Sisal
Next to Coqui Coqui
Valladolid, Yucatan 97780
Tel: 985 856 1950
Email: [email protected]

There are seven churches in the different neighborhoods that should be visited, along with the impressive San Bernadino Convent, the San Roque Museum and the Government Palace, with its huge murals depicting Mexican history. As you stroll to the different neighborhoods to visit the churches, take note of the architecture of the locals' homes that range from huts to mansions. Note the yards, the animals, the gardens, the flowers, the trees, and the laundry. You will learn so much about the people on these strolls. Take note of the detailed stonework on the facades of many of the colonial buildings.

While in Valladolid, you are in the heart of good Yucatecan cooking country. Try the flavorful cuisine of Valladolid in such dishes as lomitos de Valladolid, longaniza, and chicken escabeche. Longaniza de Valladolid is a sausage that is made locally. Try it with scrambled eggs or grilled and wrapped in a tortilla. Both ways are delicious! We recommend Las Campanas and the restaurant in the Hotel Meson del Marques.

Hotels are quite reasonable in Valladolid making it a good place to use as a base for going to Chichén Itzá 28 miles away and the Balankanché Caves 22 miles away. Consider staying for two nights so you can really get a feel for the place.

Valladolid also has very important cenotes, like Dzitnup, about 5 kilometers west and Ik-kil, 30 mintues from Valladolid and 5 minuntes from Chichén Itzá. Both are good for swimming with the latter being the most impressive. (Cenotes are sinkholes.)

Also visit the impressive Ek Balam archaeological site 20 minutes north of Valladolid on the road to Tizimín. The pyramids here are bigger than the ones at Chichén ItzáSee our Ek Balam section for more info. Further north are Rio Lagartos and San Felipe.

Don’t miss a chance to have a tour of Casa de los Venados (House of the Deer). This is an 18,000 sq. ft. private home / museum of Mexican folk and contemporary art owned by an American couple who spent nearly ten years renovating this masterpiece of colonial architecture. Tours (in English and Spanish) are given most days at 10 am but advance reservations are advised. There are over 3000 pieces of art in this collection which is one of the most comprehensive and extensive collections of Mexican folk art in private hands. Calle 40 #204 at the corner of 41, just ¼ block from the main square. Tour participants are asked to make a donation of 80 pesos which goes directly to the local charities: currently the Clinic San Lucas (which does surgeries for poor people) and the local Lion's Club project which buys and fits hearing aids for poor children so they will have a better chance of receiving a quality education.

Casa de los Venados is also available for private parties and events. Tel. 985 856 2289. Email: [email protected]

How to get there
To get to Valladolid from Mérida, take the cuota road toward Cancún, the cost is around 130 pesos. Check our Yucatan map for more information on how to get there, and our Valladolid map for getting around the town. 
If you want to take public transportation:
 ADO CAME has departures all day. Price around $142 pesos one way. There are also Colectivos departing from Calle 52 x 63 y 61.

- Valladolid City Map
- Yucatan Peninsula Map

- Hacienda Sanchez
Calle 23 x 40 y 42
(985) 856 5212 

- Technotel
Calle 12 No. 188-B x 37 y 39 Col. Militar
Tel. (985) 856 1398 



vacation travel

Would it be possible for you to send me a current issue of Yucatan Today magazine.We will be arriving in Cancun on Mar.27 visiting Yucatan Peninsula for 3 weeks.I would appreciate any maps & infrmation.Hotels are booked.We are staying in Vallodolid,Merida,Santa Elena,Campeche,Xpujil,Chetumal,Felipe Carillo Puerto,Playa delCarmen&Cancun.If you do not have any city maps could you give me an email address to order some to buy. Muchas Gratias Brian Lewis


magazine &maps

We are in Yucatan Pen. for 3weeks,mar.27-Apr.17.We will visit Cancun,Vallodolid,Merida,Campeche ,Chetumal,PlayadelCarmen&Cancun.Can you send any city maps &info,YucataNtODAY MAGAZINE? mUCHAS gRATIAS bRIANlEWIS


5 star hostel in Valladolid.

Hello, Can´t find anything about a nice little hostel in Valladolid on your website. We have stayed in La Candelaria for 3 days, and it was the best we could have done. Managed by two young people, (She is from Nicaragua and he´s Dutch, and it has a beutiful Garden. Their website: Just to have an idea what others say: Regards, Patrick and Susan


Can you give me some information on how to get from Cancun to Valladolid for a day trip?

Thank you!


re. cancun-valladolid

There are a few options. Your hotel in Cancun can suggest a tour operator who does day tours; you can rent a car and do it on your own; or you can go on your own by bus. From the Cancun bus terminal there are first class bus departures at 5:15 am, 8 am and 9 am, it costs 144 pesos one way and takes 2 hours. Return trip at 5:10 pm. Check here for the details:


2 day car rental Tulum-Cancun airport

Looking for info about renting a car for 2 days from Tulum and dropping off at Cancun airport.
Thank you!


Hello- We have been unable

Hello- We have been unable to get one-way (sencillo)Bus schedule and price information from Tulum to Valladolid and Valladolid to Cancun airport. Tried the above ticketbus site, w/out success

Equally difficult is getting information about one or two-day car rental from Tulum to Cancoun airport.

Would really appreciate reliable information . Thanks!


re. 2 day car rental and bus info Tulum-Cancun

Here are my car rental contacts, you can contact them for a quote:

Lourdes Cardenas
[email protected]

Blueway Car Rental
Eleazar Rodriguez
[email protected]

Easy Way
Angel Ortiz
[email protected]

Eco Rent
Alfonso Escobedo
[email protected]

Laura Hidalgo
[email protected]

Executive / EZ Rent a Car
Beatriz Solis
[email protected]

National Car Rental
Ramon Romay Rebolledo
[email protected]

Payless Car Rental
Carlos Yam
[email protected]

Re. bus schedule: if you are choosing dates beyond the current month, the ticketbus site does not show them. Try plugging in a date in May which is the same day of the week you will be travelling, to give you an idea of schedules. There is no bus from Valladolid directly to Cancun airport, so be sure to select "Cancun QRoo" as the destino.


re. 2 day car rental and bus info Tulum-Cancun

Thanks so much, Juanita, for the very helpful information!


valladolid day trip

Hello and im from california and i just rented a car from my hotel lobby car rental and left early morning thr next day no problems filled up my ice chest with refreshments and off i went. I took the libre road it was in very good conditions got to Valladolid in no time what a beautiful and very clean city .


Driving from Valladolid to Cancun airport

Hello-How much time should I plan for driving from Valladolid to the Cancun airport- the easiest, most direct route.
Also, any idea of how much that will cost in tolls is appreciated.



It is about 2 hours on the "cuota" (toll) road and the airport exit is well marked. Tolls are 225 pesos.


Driving Valladolid-Cancun

Thank you- this is very helpful.


ADO bus schedule Cancun to Valladolid+

You can find first class buses that run from Cancun to Valladolid on this web site. To go to or from the airport you have to take a bus to downtown Cancun first. It's very easy and first class bus travel is very comfortable.

The website is in Spanish, but it's pretty easy to figure out how it works:

And if you need help with your Spanish translations, use this website to help you:|en|



I will be visiting Cancun on Feb. 21, 22 and 23. I would like to take a day trip to Valladolid from my hotel. I would like the same info as
#6 requested.


re. cancun-valladolid

There are a few options. Your hotel in Cancun can suggest a tour operator who does day tours; you can rent a car and do it on your own; or you can go on your own by bus. From the Cancun bus terminal there are first class bus departures at 5:15 am, 8 am and 9 am, it costs 144 pesos one way and takes 2 hours. Return trip at 5:10 pm or 6.15 pm. Check here for the details:


rent a car Valladolid

I have heard that it is possible to rent a car at Portal Maya. I am looking for a e-mail adress or a phone number or an website to contact them.


re. rent a car in valladolid

The only info I could find was from a posting on tripadvisor:

Yes - there is a very good rental place for cars and even vans in Valladolid.

It is called Portal Maya. It is located at Calle 41 # 276 between 58 and 60.

Their office phone is 985 856 2513 / their cell is 985 107 0073.


Día de la Revolución

Will Día de la Revolución be celebrated on November 20 or the third Monday of November? What festivities will take place?


re. nov. 20

The 20th is the day when the official activities take place, such as parades etc. It is still too early for us to know timing etc. The 21st is the statutory holiday given to working people, meaning banks will be closed, etc. You posted this comment on the Valladolid article, are you looking for this info specific to that city? When we have more details we will post them on our Events page.


Thank you!

Thank you so much for your reply! That is just the information that I was searching (and searching!) for.

I am hoping to find out more about the events specific to Valladolid but I can wait for the details. i was just hoping to learn the dates so that I can make our travel arrangements.

Best wishes!


re. thank you

You are welcome! However, having said all that, I could end up being totally wrong and the parades etc. will be on the Monday. Plan to be flexible and to be surprised!


Thank you! I will planned to

Thank you! I will planned to be surprised!

Is there a way to find out what the festivities will be when we have arrived in Valladolid?


re. thank you

Sure, just go to the Municipal Palace on the main plaza.


Terrific; thank you for your

Terrific; thank you for your advice!



My wife & I spent 3amazing nights here.We had a wonderful time.


Easter services in Valladolid

Do you know of any special easter services that are held in the large catholic church on the square in Valladolid. How would I find out their schedule? Muchas Gracias.


1 Day trip Valladolid -- Playa Del Carmen

Me and my wife will be in mid September in Valladolid for 1 afternoon on which we'd like to take a guided city tour. Any contact for "Portal Maya" from your article ?
The day after we'd like to go to EK Balam, Cenote Dzitnup, Coba and finishing to Playa del Carmen (we have hotel there): do you know any local tour company that can accomodate a personalized taxi tour like that (maybe with a guide) ?


re. trip valladolid-playa del carmen

Portal Maya: Calle 41 x 38 y 40, Valladolid. tel. 985 856 2513.

Personalized tour: or

(Contact them both for a price). Happy travels!





re. hotel in valladolid

The performances are usually held on Sundays from mid-January through mid-March. Here is our article from 2012. It includes an email address you could contact for 2013 info, although I doubt they will have definite info yet. Here is our list of Valladolid hotels.


Valladolid to Ek Balam and Coba

I will be staying in Valladolid the second week of June this summer and want to visit Ek Balam and Coba. Does anyone know of a way to get to these sites? I do not really want to rent a car, and I am afraid of taking a taxi and getting to the site, staying for a few hours (yes I will be there that long!) and not being able to get a taxi back to take me back to Valladolid.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Car service? Colectivo?

Thank you!


re. valladolid to ek balam and coba

There are definitely local bus or colectivo services, but I don't have the schedules.

When you get to Valladolid, go to the 2 bus depots for info:

2nd class: corner of Calle 37 and 54.

1st class/ADO: corner of Calle 46 and 39.

You will also see colectivos around the main plaza.

The following website has some info about bus service to Coba but I'm not sure how current it is. When you do the search, leave the time blank in order to get all departure times for the day:

Happy travels!


Thank you so much, Juanita!

Thank you so much, Juanita! I will be sure to bookmark that link.


chetumal to tikal

You were so very helpful for our visitbin june that a visit in february is now in order.
Not certain that this is in your jurisdiction, but was wondering if you could help with getting from chetumal to tikal info?
thanks again for your help previously, your website and forums are sooooo helpful.


re. chetumal to tikal

I'm sorry! We specialize only in the state of Yucatan.


locker serivce at Coba site

We will leave for Coba from Valladolid. After that, we will go to Tulum. Therefore, we would like to know if there is any locker service at these 2 sites.

Thank you very much!!


re. locker service

I'm sorry we can't help you! Our website is just about the state of Yucatan, so I don't have info about those 2 sites which are in the neighboring state of Quintana Roo.


Main Square

We will be visiting Valladolid in late December on an overnight trip. I would like to be there when the main square is at it's busiest. Would this be on a Saturday or Sunday night ?
We will be driving from Playa Del Carmen via Tulum/Coba. Is this approx a 2 hour drive ?

Thanks so much.


re. main square

"Sundays in the park" where starting at 10 AM to early evening ---in front of the Bazar Zaci next to the Hotel Meson del Marques there is a "market" in the street selling craft items... and a temporary stage with folk dancing, etc. and tables to eat snacks.

Then at 8 PM they have a 14 piece Latin band for dancing in front of the city hall from 8 PM to about 9 :15 PM each Sunday.

Don’t miss a chance to have a tour of Casa de los Venados as well!

Yes, it's about a 2 hour drive.


Main Square

Thanks Juanita.
Sunday,December 30th it is !
Looking forward to visiting what appears to be a beautiful city.


best day of week to visit

We will be in Cancun for one week. What is the best day to visit when markets are open? We arrive on Saturday so Sunday may not be good for us. Also, is renting a car the best way to go?


re. best day

Any day of the week would be fine! It is a lovely city. Sundays are special as you can see by the above article and comments, but it is not the only nice thing about Valladolid. BE SURE to arrive before 10 am so you can go on the tour of Casa de los Venados, it is unforgettable. Renting a car is easy and gives you flexibility but there are plenty of buses from cancun as well. At the moment the schedule shows a departure at 8 am and it takes 2 hrs. 5 minutes which would be cutting it pretty close, however; or take the 5:15 am bus and enjoy a leisurely breakfast on the plaza when you get there. Or you could go the day before and spend the night in Valladolid (my recommendation). There are bus departures every couple of hours in the morning and afternoon. Visit this website for the schedule: The ticket costs 150 pesos each way per person and the buses are very comfortable. The bus terminals are right downtown in both cities; take a taxi from your hotel in cancun, and walk to everything in Valladolid :)


Car or Bus out of Valladolid?

We arrive Merida on 3/31/13 and then will stay in Valladolid for a week. Plan to make trips to nature from Valladolid (Cenote Dzitnup and Rio Largartos).

Would you try bussing all around or renting a car? Are cars available from Vallalodid or just Merida? I see one rental contact in Valladolid written above. (Not going to Cancun, so no rent from there)



Re. car or bus

I would rent a car, it will give you a lot more flexibility...especially in April when it can be quite hot and you won't have fun waiting for buses :) Keep in mind the first week of April is the second week of Easter break, so things might be a bit more crowded than usual. I'm not sure about car rentals in Valladolid, check with these people:

Tel: (985) 856 0777

Tel: (985) 856 2513


Cenotes for Snorkeling / Nature watching


We have 5 days between Merida, Valladolid and Rio Lagartos with a car. Arriving this Easter Sunday.

1. Between Merida and Valladolid? Any festivities on Easter Sunday?

1. Which Cenotes do you recommend? We will be with Snorkeling gear and would like to go into some deep water and beautiful caves. I know there are good places farther south, but that seems like too far a drive to head toward to Tulum.

2.We have one night in Rio Largartos to take a bird tour in the morning. Any other suggestion of natural sites to see on that coast?

Thank you!


re. cenotes


Easter Sunday processions happen in every city and village.

Info about cenotes, plenty within your route:

The bird tour is the main thing to do in RL:

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